Friday, September 13, 2013


Salmon, ID  High 89  Low 56

Lemhi Valley - AGAI-PAH – The sacred homeland and birthplace of Sacajawea


The Sacajawea Interpretive Center is located in Salmon, ID and well worth a visit. She was an amazing woman.

Sacajawea’s people, the Agaidkia (Salmon Eater) Shoshone, were a nomadic tribe living in the Lemhi Valley. In the Fall of 1800, a Hidatsa war party attacked the Agaidika and 12 year old Sacajawea was taken hostage. The Hidatsa took the hostages to the Knife River Village in current day North Dakota. A few years later she became the woman of a French Canadian trader, Charbonneau.

P1060574The Lewis and Clark expedition built Fort Mandan near the Knife River Village and hired Charbonneau as an interpreter in November of 1804. When they learned that Sacajawea was from the Shoshone tribe in the Lemhi Valley, they knew they had found their guide. Her biggest contribution to the success of the Expedition was her ability to negotiate for horses.

She was reunited with the three remaining members of her family in August of 1805. However, she remained with her husband and the Expedition and returned to the Knife River Village in 1806.

Most historians believe she died on December 12, 1812, however there is no proof of when she died or where she was buried.

There is a trail to follow through the center with art works from different artists.




  1. We've considered taking a "Lewis and Clark" tour from start to finish, but since we've been to so many of the historical sites, just never taken the time to do them in sequence and as a straight tour. I enjoy your photos.

  2. Sidney looks so small under the statue! What an amazing story! History is so much fun...thanks for sharing!

  3. Do they give out free Sacajawea dollar coins at the center? That would be a nice touch as they didn't do well when in circulation. ;c)

  4. I went there last year! just loved it and have always been enamored with Sacajawea ... beautiful area... loved seeing it again ;)

  5. This post sure brought back some nice memories of my trip to the center in 2010.

  6. when you read the Lewis and Clark Diaries you realize one important part she had in the journey.

  7. Maybe the people who started the club were Irish. There is a saying in Ireland: An Owl that enters the house must be killed at once, for if it flies away it will take the luck of the house with it.
    So, they might try to keep their luck.
    Just an idea....:)

  8. For a minute there, I thought you caught a really close-up shot of a bald eagle. Then I saw he was stuck on a pole.

  9. I thought it was sooo strange and hard to get used to the real pronounciation of her name- Sahcahgway or whatever. No "jawea"


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