Saturday, June 16, 2012


Helena, MT   H 74  L 43


We left Dillon the next morning and wound up in Helena, MT. My sister and her hubby own a house in Helena and they also own the lot just around the corner. This lot used to have a mobile home on it so it has full hook ups. Guess where we stay when we come to Helena.


We have the most beautiful views from this lot. The highway is right below us so we do get some road noise but I’ve learned to sleep through it. Jim can sleep through anything.


We’ve spent most of our time relaxing. Jim went fishing a couple of days (and caught A fish). I went to a few garage sales with my sister. That’s her favorite thing to do and she loves having a chauffer when I’m around.


One of the highlights of our stay in Helena was the chance to see Gypsy and Lady again. We picked Gypsy up and headed out for dinner on Last Chance Gulch which is main street in Helena. Figured a good place to take her would be an old bordello where Miss Dorothy ran the house for many, many years. It is now the Windbag Saloon. The food was excellent and the company even better. Thanks for dinner, Gypsy.

After dinner we walked down the street to an ice cream parlor and Jim and Gypsy indulged themselves with an El Salvadoran Coffee ice cream treat. Not sure what Jim was reacting to and he doesn’t know that I’m going to go ahead and post this picture.


Another happening in Helena is one that has made me so happy. We are leaving the boat here. This is where it will stay from here on out so we don’t have to tow it behind the fifth wheel.

Saturday morning we head for Billings. Got a wedding to get ready for, you know.


  1. Now that's the kind of sister to have! I tried to talk my brother into finding a home in Arizona with RV hookups, but he didn't take my advice. :)

  2. How wonderful that you have a great place to stay when you're in Helena? I know how just how big a relief it is to stop triple towing with that boat!! Our daughter loves checking those estate sales every weekend. Golly where would we put anything if we bought it. However, we have gone with her but it's an all day thing .... ugh. You certainly do have a wedding to get ready for. Send along the details of that one!

  3. Our daughter, Carrie, was in Helena a few weeks back and loved it. She sent us some photos. She really enjoyed the Capitol. She said it was the coolest little town she had been in. Paul and I are discussing redoing our route to take us right through there. Hopefully we can meet up again...what fun.
    Hope all goes well with that wedding! Enjoy!

  4. Life will be much easier just towing the 5th wheel. Have a great time at the wedding, and thanks for making my time in Helena more enjoyable.

  5. nice that you got to meet Gypsy! travels as you head towards Billings!..have a great time at the wedding!!

  6. Ice cream - yes. Coffee - nah. But looks like Jim is enjoying it.

    Enjoy the wedding.

  7. What a fun way to end a good cream!! So glad you were able to spend time with Gypsy!! Good friends are priceless!!
    Enjoy the wedding!!

  8. Glad you both are enjoying yourselves. Like your camping spot at your sisters. Happy Fathers Day wishes to Jim tomorrow.

  9. Looks like Jim is just super enjoying his ice cream cone!..

  10. Moochdocking at its finest! And with a view, too. Life is good. :c)


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