Monday, June 25, 2012



On left: Jim, David, Katie, Kelly, Marie     On right: Todd, Michaela, me, Rob, Meredith

Had an unexpected family dinner Saturday night. My brother, Rob, his wife, Marie, and their daughter, Meredith, flew in from Virginia. They are combining the wedding with a vacation to Yellowstone. We invited them to go out to dinner with Todd and Michaela and us.

A little earlier in the day, our phone rang and it was Jim’s son, David. (Second oldest) They were in Bozeman for Katie’s track and field regional competition and wanted to know if we had room for them if they came over. We figured we could fit them in someplace. So they were able to join us for dinner also.

Had a great visit. The bride and groom were very relaxed and excited about their big day the next day.

It’s really hot here in Billings. Mid 90’s today, lows in the 60’s. Tomorrow for the wedding we’re going to hit 100. Sure hope we all survive it.


  1. What a wonderful surprise. I love surprises and family get togethers are the best.

    Looking forward to seeing those wedding photos.

  2. Always great when family can get together. I am also looking forward to the wedding photos.

  3. It sounds like the "just family" part of the wedding grew a bit bigger! This hot weather can leave just in time for the wedding and just in time for us to keep traveling!

  4. what a great time to be together as a family. I hope all goes well tomorrow with the big day!

  5. Love family get togethers. That's a great surprise. Sounds like a fun day. I'm now waiting for wedding pictures.

  6. Well I suppose "hot" is better than "wet", but it can be a challenge to get dressed up and go out in the heat.
    Should be a fun time just the same.
    Best wishes.

  7. It's a good thing you practiced the heat thing in Arizona

  8. Surprises, weddings, family dinners - all happy times.

    Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos with us and the wonderful memories.

    June 26 - Our oldest daughter is celebrating her 45th birthday and her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband Bill.

    It is a good day!

  9. I sure wouldn't be wearing a suit and tie for that wedding - not at 100 degrees!

    Have fun and stay cool.

  10. And to think you left AZ because of the 100 degree temps!

    Great time with family all together. Priceless! :c)

  11. Thanks so much for the offer of help while we are here in Billings--much appreciated--we are doing well.


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