Saturday, June 2, 2012


Kanab, UT  H 98  L 62   North Rim Grand Canyon  H 83  L 33


IMG_4595 It is so much fun to once again be planning things to do and places to go.

Today I took us up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The truck ran beautifully. The weather was perfect. I took a zillion pictures but not a one of them show how pretty the canyon truly is.

 I think some jet were having a pretty good time up in the sky.


IMG_4579 During the summer of 2011 there were three fires that burned hundreds of acres along AZ Highway 67 on the road to the North Rim.

The Rangers are preparing for possible fires again this year with the extremely dry conditions in Arizona.


IMG_4585 Jim did pretty good. He had some problem breathing at this elevation but he had his inhaler and we took it really slow. We walked out to a couple of vantage points but that was about all he could handle this time. We are also very grateful that we have the American the Beautiful Pass which lets old folks into the National Parks for free. Saved us $25 in this one visit.


This was the path we walked down and then had to climb back up. Had to rest when we got up to the top.



Some really interesting looking trees along the path. In order to see them though you had to quit looking at the canyon and that was hard to do.

IMG_4617 IMG_4618

This was the only wildlife I saw. Hope you can see him.


We had lunch at the Lodge restaurant and were able to get seats right at the windows so we could enjoy our meal looking out over the canyon. One of the rangers told us that the South Rim of the Canyon gets around 5 million visitors a year but the North Rim only gets 500,000.


Every day we can spend together is a special day and this day trip was certainly a fun way to enjoy it.


And of course, once last cloud picture.



  1. I so agree with you....the perfect day trip. Isn't the Grand Canyon breathtaking. So glad everyone's health is on the mend so outings are in order.



  2. Love it! Beautiful ....

    I came within a hair of going ... I had been once before years ago but wanted to do the north rim also... But I chose to do Grand Tetons and go northeast of the Canyon ... I still would like to hmmm .., who knows ... I might meander back down that way after Glacier ...

    I know nothing .... ;)

  3. Don't you just love the American the Beautiful Pass.

    Jim looks wonderful. You two sure had a super day! I could just sit and look at that canyon all day.

    No photo can do God's work justice. Just an amazing place. Beauty all around you.

  4. Glad you are having a great time, thanks for the pictures. Have fun and stay safe!

  5. nothing like spending the day with 'your best friend'!!..thanks for day we will be able to see it for ourselves!!

  6. Good to see you out and about again. The north rim's gift shop is one of the few places I bought souvenirs. :)

  7. I felt the same way about my pictures of the Grand Canyon a few years ago - nothing can fully capture that beauty. I'm always saddened to see the aftermath of a forest fire but I guess that is nature's way (for the most part). Hopefully, we will see some of these sights Fall 2013.

  8. Looking forward to seeing it someday!

  9. Beautiful pictures, Sandie! We haven't visited the North Rim because it was still closed when we were in that area in the spring of 2010. Those high elevations are hard to manage for our guys who only have part of their lungs left.

  10. I'm glad you're on the road on again. Pictures look great. We've never done the north side of Grand Canyon. Take it easy on your trip north.

  11. It's amazing that Jim is out and about at the Grand Canyon and able to go for such long walks. Good for him and thanks for the great pics too.

  12. I remember that nice drive from Kanab to the North Rim well. Must say I did like the North Rim better than the South Rim simply because of it's lack of people. Found it very peaceful. You guys are looking good in the photo & I'm thinking Kelly & I may have had our photo taken just about in the same place.

  13. Beautiful photos ~ I think the North Rim gets short changed... it is beautiful and not so many visitors go there! Loved the post today!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  14. A wonderful day trip for you. Good for you to get around again. You've had enough undesired excitement before. Now enjoy the beauty of the land.

  15. Gotta get there some day. Meanwhile, thanks for the visit.

  16. So darn WONDERFUL to see the Dixons out Living Their Dream!!!

  17. I wonder if my friend Karen is the ranger that was on duty as you entered. She's the person that made my memory quilt for me. :)

  18. We certainly enjoyed our one visit to the North Rim, so we thank you for taking us back there with you! You are absolutely correct when you say "Every day we can spend together is a special day and this day trip was certainly a fun way to enjoy it." You have been hanging together for a long time; it is great that you still get out and go places and do things together!

  19. Glad to see you both enjoying the day. Gaelyn is also another ranger at the north rim as well as a full-time RVer and blogger. It looks like a spectacular place. High altitude takes getting used to for anyone.

  20. We've not made it to that area yet, but hope to soon. Thanks for sharing your great times with us.

  21. I loved your pics of the canyon. Like most people I have only been to the South Rim. But the North Rim is on my list.

  22. I was at the Grand Canyon once about 30 years ago. Really would like to get back there. I remember it well.

  23. Jim looks great! Makes me really happy.


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