Friday, July 20, 2012


Helena, MT   High 94  Low 57


Had a great day yesterday. Jim brought home three more walleye. Slowly getting our freezer filled up. Got our hair cut so we don’t look so much like shaggy dogs.

Stopped and visited with more friends. Hadn’t seen Kathy and Walt in probably 20 years. I worked with Kathy at this building when I worked for the IRS in Helena.


Over 200 Malamutes were rescued from a gentleman who had become a hoarder and they are currently being housed at a defunct nursery which just happens to be right across the road from Kathy and Walt’s home. (forgot to get my camera out) Needless to say, you cannot sit out and visit because the noise level is incredible. I feel real sorry for all those dogs and hopefully the courts will get the guy to release them so they can be adopted.

Went out to dinner with my sister and her hubby at a great little Mexican restaurant.



My sister and I


After dinner, the four of us went to the Grand Street Theater to see the musical Ragtime. Built in 1901 as a Unitarian Church, it became the public library in 1933 and then the Grand Street Theater in 1976.


Beautiful interior of the theater.



I wasn’t sure what Ragtime was about and I expected maybe a lot of Scott Joplin. Wrong. It’s a story of America in the early 20th century when Ragtime was popular. It’s the story of three groups of people: upper-class white suburbanites, African-Americans, and Eastern European Immigrants (Jews) and how their lives all become entwined during this very turbulent time.

Jim and I really enjoyed the show. An amazing cast.


  1. Sounds like a great time! And meeting up with friends and family,,,,,priceless

  2. I was surprised the temps were so warm all the way up there...but at least its cool at night.

    Keep catching the fish

  3. Nice theater, sounds like a great play. Didn't Cagney star in the movie of the same name back in the 1970s?

    Jim is doing well on the fishing, nothing better than some fresh fish. :c)

  4. Think this is also a movie? Can't think of the actors. (Gregory Hines, maybe??) Didn't it win some awards? Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves. 200 malamutes? Wow. Just. Wow. Bet they are in a mess. Wow. Thanks for the nice words about our dog passing, we know where he is, and that is a comfort. That building is beautiful.

  5. I like that low of 57 we are headed for 108 here in MO.

  6. Live theater is the best--we rarely get to go to it. I like the looks of that church/theater building. It sounds like you are having a great time in Helena, despite the heat. I'm glad that it cools off at night.

  7. I think I would enjoy "Ragtime".

  8. We saw Ragtime in Vancouver many years ago. Fun. Good to hear Jim is catching fish.

  9. Live theater is wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it. Love the picture of you with your sister.

  10. We love live theatre, that is one thing we haven't done too much after we started full-timing.

  11. It's hard to believe someone could keep 200 malamutes? That's a huge number. What are you going to do with all those fish .. buy another freezer?

  12. So, if we all wind up the same place sometime this winter are you hosting a fish fry? :)

    We haven't been to a theater in way too long. Ragtime sounds like a good one to me. Wonder if any theaters around here are performing it?

  13. 200 malamutes?...unbelievable..
    glad you had some fun with your sister!!

  14. The show sounds awesome. What fun. I really enjoy musicals.

    We both love fish. Wish we were closer, you could make the fish and I will bring the dessert. yum!

  15. After reading your blog about the show, I really want to go see it if I have the chance! Eldy is in for the fish fry! I'm not a fish eater, but I'd try some! :-)

  16. We are up for some fired fish too. We could bring a side or appetizer....

    How could someone possibly have 200 malamutes?? Were they being taken care of? Unbelievable!!

  17. Wow on the Mal's. I hope all works out for them & they all go to caring homes. Rescue will step in to help out as well once they are released. There is no way one can take care of so many dogs by themselves! Sad for the dogs.

  18. That sure sounded like a very interesting musical. I have always enjoyed musicals not matter what they were. Just seems like a lot of fun.


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