Saturday, July 14, 2012


Helena, MT   High 80  Low 57


Got about thirty drops of rain last night. Not nearly enough. Today is overcast with a 70% chance of rain. So our fingers and toes are crossed that we get rain and not much lightning. We don’t need any more fires. Did cool us down though.

Jim’s been catching but nothing big enough to bring home yet. He’s one happy, contented fisherman. Amazing how his mood improves just by being out on the water.

Had dinner with friends the other night. I worked with Deb at the IRS office here in Helena many years ago. And remember Dianna? My good friend from grade school who lives in Phoenix? Her daughter lives in Helena so she is here visiting family and friends. The four of us decided dinner would be a good way to catch up. We also planned to take in the East Helena Rodeo on Friday night but I wimped out because they were calling for thunderstorms. I don’t do well with storms of any kind.


And once again, Dianna is telling me to put the stupid camera away.

Found these snails on a side street in Helena and had to find out how they came to be.


From KXLH news on August 9, 2010:

A new public art display is urging motorists to "Take It Easy" in a Helena neighborhood.
Monday morning, Helena's Public Art Committee celebrated the work of Belgrade artist Kirsten Kainz. Kainz welded the three snails together using found objects. The snails are located on a traffic circle at the intersection of Sanders and Butte. Kainz says, "The snails were kind of the craziest idea, but also I think they were the most appropriate and really fun and whimsy. I love the concept of slowing people down. 'Take It Easy' folks we're in a round-a-bout, it's a traffic situation." The "Take It Easy" display captures the history of the neighborhood by using steel, reminiscent of the Caird Steel building located just a few blocks away.



  1. Love the snails, there is alot of 'round-about-art' in Bend.. interesting what they put in there, some is quite beautiful!!!

  2. I love Folk Art like that!
    You have so many friends from all over the country. You make my head spin!

  3. I love the snails--thanks for including the story behind them!

  4. Great story about the snails. I'm glad Jim likes to fish even when the fish aren't biting.

  5. Hmmmmm, are you saying men have moods? Just kidding:))

  6. Keep on taking pictures, Sandie. Tell Diana I'm sure glad I didn't put my camera away--the thousands of pictures are so nice to have to look back on though I know how she feels--I hate having my picture taken.

    I know how Jim feels. I was raised around the water, and I feel like I'm home when I'm near the coast or any water for that matter. And, here I sit in landlocked Atlanta!

    Glad you're having a great time in your travels. The snails weren't there when we were in Helena.

  7. Love the snails! They must have been fun to make. I know that welding is fun if it is for an art project.

  8. Love the snails!!
    My Dad would always was the BEST medicine for anything!! Oh how he loved to fish!! So glad Jim is having fun!!

  9. Cute snails, but how do you cook them? Are they a little hard on the teeth? I've been told that escargo is an aquired taste. ;c)

  10. I hope you get some rain, but no bad storms. I wish I could send some rain your way. I know how Jim feels about being out on the water.....sigh

  11. There is even a tiny magnetic geocache in one of the snails.

  12. Glad the temperature is down where it should be and that you're enjoying yourselves. At least you weren't around Mesa yesterday where they had a torrential downpour.

  13. A bad day fishing is better than a good day working or just about any other day

    Love the snails

  14. Dianna really looks a lot better in person - we should all teach her to smile!


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