Monday, July 9, 2012


We left the driveway Sunday morning. It was so exciting. We did get a chance to visit with the kids for awhile to find out how their honeymoon in Kauai was. They had a wonderful time and were busy the whole week. But it was fun to come home again.

Leaving Billings – not many trees.


There are times when I wish I had a “way with words”, and getting back on the road is one of those times. There is such a feeling of happiness and excitement and knowing that is what we want to be doing. I can’t imagine life in a house without wheels. I know that some day we will have to come off the road, but I am going to enjoy every second of the time that we do have traveling. I am so grateful that Jim feels the same way.


The pictures in this post are random photos of Central Montana. I wanted to take a different route back to Helena rather than the interstate so we went north out of Billings to Lavina and then turned west on Highway 12.


It’s a beautiful drive but let me tell you – do not take this route for the next couple of years. The road construction was horrendous. Miles and miles of dirt and gravel. Speed limit of 35 but we didn’t dare go over 25 and even then we had several cabinet doors come open and spill their contents everywhere. Our strap on the sliding door in the bedroom was broken loose and the doors were sliding back and forth. Opening cabinets proved to be very dangerous. We will definitely not be going back to Billings that way.


We spent Sunday night at the Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs. Great campground if you are in that area. You are surrounded by the Belt Mountains and near the Smith River. Really beautiful.


They even have a trout pond but Jim didn’t have his rod with him. So very sad because there were a whole lot of beautiful rainbows just waiting to be caught.


The sunset was gorgeous.


Lots of trees the further west you go into the Helena National Forest and through the Belt Mountains.


This is where Jim puts his boat in the water at Canyon Ferry about 30 miles from Helena. This area is called the Silos and there is a KOA as well as a state park campground.


We are now set up in “our spot” in Helena for a couple of weeks. Look out fish – Jim is here!


  1. You say you don't have a way with words, but yet I can feel your excitement right here. I think many writers think of themselves as not especially talented. It is the self-criticism which makes them stay good. You are like that.

  2. So happy for you two. That route looks really pretty but NO WAY would we take it.
    Another gorgeous sunset you were so Blessed to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That one picture of the road stretching endlessly before you reminds me of the one I took on Hwy. 395 in Eastern Oregon earlier this year. I love shots where the road just seems to go on forever...just inviting you to see what lies beyond.

  4. Thanks for the warning about US 12. That's one route I was considering if I left from Mpls. this fall.

  5. Glad you are finally back on the road. I certainly understand your feeling about a home on wheels. Lots of folks don't understand. It's not just the home on wheels it's also the others you meet that also have a home with wheels.


  6. you may feel like you don't have a way with words, but you do, Sandy!..enjoy the new views out the windshield!..and a house with no wheels? no fun at all!

  7. Yes, Sandie, your enthusiam comes out in your blog. Just be yourself and keep on writing the way you do. That's the fun of reading different blogs--every one is different! :)

  8. Time to relax and a beautiful place to do it.

  9. "There is such a feeling of happiness and excitement and knowing that is what we want to be doing." Well, I sure know that great feeling of packing up & moving on down the road. My favorite time of the year is when we are traveling & not sitting at home day after day after day. I like having a home base but not when you have to sit in it for months at a time!! How totally boring is that. You are soooooo very fortunate to have 2 people on the same page.

  10. Route 12 sounds like a killer! Where are you in relation to the fires in Montana? Hope you NOT near them!

  11. On the road and then parked for a couple of weeks. You sure do give your "hitch-itch" a hard time. ;c)

  12. We know the feeling of being back on the road. We are counting the days. I think we are at 55 days until our gig at the park is up. Enjoy every minute.

  13. Seems to me you've said it just right! And especially the part about having a partner who shares your enthusiasm and happiness... that makes it perfect. Enjoy to the Max!

  14. Raving and boating.... Can it get any better!

  15. Sometimes we see amazing things and sometimes we are just living our lives, but its all good!
    we are pretty close to you- in Bozeman, stocking up, then headed towards St, Mary's- meeting up with Shadowtracks. We'll have to see how close we get and if we can get together!

  16. Yippee your on the road again. I can't wait to feel that way again myself. Beautiful pictures take lots and have fun.

  17. I, too, feel your excitement... as I get ready to trudge off to work. Our "freedom" is not without limits, but after viewing your profile, you've certainly earned yours. "Enjoy every second," indeed.
    Box Canyon Mark

  18. Sandie, we'll be in St. Mary's until the morning of July 22...let us know if you are anywhere near us before then! I think we are beelining across the Dakotas after that.

  19. We always joke when we arrive, caution some items may shifted, when we open cabinet doors


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