Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I love trains – not like Sam  who loves and knows trains, but just from a perspective that they represent freedom, and movement and new places.

One of the great blogs that I follow belongs to Danny and Shula.     They have a post today about a train ride they took in West Virginia. Sure wish I was there with them.

Danny and Shula are from Israel. They spend their summer months here in the United States in their fifth wheel. Then they return to Israel to spend the winter months with their family and friends. They are avid hikers and, like all of the rest of you hikers out there, I am so grateful for you because you take me places that I will never get to. They also know I love waterfalls so they find lots of waterfalls for me to enjoy. Thanks you guys.

Guess what Jim is doing. Yep, fishing. He’s having a great summer.

This is our new neighbor. I think there’s a Mom around somewhere but I haven’t seen her yet.


I’m still playing chauffeur. This picture (mural??) was hanging on the wall in one of the dentist’s hours and I thought it was really neat.


Last night I talked Jim into taking me to a place in East Helena for dinner. Big Paul’s Pasty Place. The pasties were excellent – better than the one’s we had in Butte, which is famous for them. They are huge, Jim and I should have split one, but this way we have dinner for tonight again.

IMG_5428 IMG_5429

Quite a storm tore through here last night. We barely got the door to the rig closed when it hit. Lots of lightning and the rain came down in buckets. Not a nice gentle rain. Back to the heat today though.

Montana Sunset



  1. I heard about the lightening storm. Evidently it was really something. We figured Jim would be fishing and fishing and fishing. As long as you're both having a great time, that's what counts the most.

  2. I would not care for the pasty but I did enjoy Danny & Shula's train trip. Thanks for the link.

  3. I'm not a pasty fan either, they remind me of all the Banquet pot pies I had to eat when I was growing up. They were cheap, and about all my mother could afford besides Kraft dinner. :P

  4. Heard about the storm on the TV. Glad everyone is OK.
    What was in that pasty you two got. It looked like some sort of meat but I am not sure. It does look HUGE!

  5. We will have to see how the pasties in Montana compare to our favorites from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  6. Don't believe I've ever had a pasty. However, a local Scandinavian festival here sells meat pies that look something like that. They are made with a very light, flaky sour cream crust and stuffed with hamburger, potatoes, onions, and cheese. DELISH!!

  7. Great sunset and good looking dinner too. I'd try that restaurant for sure.

  8. Sorry for not being in touch,the internet is very poor up here.
    Thanks for your comments and interest.
    Greta shots.

  9. Yummy looking pasties. I thought those were a Michigan thing. Usually sort of like beef stew in a pastry crust if they are good.


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