Thursday, July 26, 2012


Paul rode down from his campground near West Glacier and then rode with us as we headed around Flathead Lake and down memory lane.

We lived in Lakeside in the mid-90’s for a few years and we wanted to visit a couple of places from our past.

Our first stop was at Somers boat ramp. This is where Todd used to go swimming during the summer months. Also, in the winter time this is where Jim used to go ice fishing. Thank goodness he no longer wants to do that.


From here we went to Lakeside and went up the mountainside to see our old house. At one time this was my dream house. But it turned into nothing but work and more work. All we did was take care of the house and the 3/4 of an acre that it’s on. I ended up resenting the house and was so very very happy when we sold it.


This was our view. (I forgot to take a picture but the house is for sale and this was on the website).


From there we went to the top of Blacktail Mountain. Jim used to go hunting up there when he wasn’t fishing on Flathead. They  built a ski area on the mountain since we moved and we wanted to check it out. However,when we got up the 10 miles of dirt road the rest of the road to the ski area was blocked off.


The views can be incredible from the top of the mountain, but it as very hazy today and the pictures did not turn out too well.



Blacktail Mountain is part of the Salish Range and served in defense of our homeland during the Cold War.Tthe U.S. Air Force had a radar base just above Lakeside and the radar installation was located at the top of Blacktail Mountain.

P1000072 P1000071

Saw this beautiful new home and just had to take a picture.


Next stop was in Polson for lunch. FIESTA  EN  JALISCO, a Mexican restaurant right on the lake. The food was okay but the view was fabulous.


After leaving Polson we drove up the east side of the lake towards Bigfork.


Our timing couldn’t have been better. Flathead Cherries are just now being picked and the roadside stands are open. We had to stop and buy some of the best cherries ever.

And once more – the end. (I honestly did not plan this one.)



  1. what a fabulous day!...much better than ours today...just shoppping and laundry!..hardly blogworthy!..see you tomorrow!! 530!!

  2. What a beautiful place but I certainly understand being in place where it's constant work. I'm beginning to begrudge the work we're doing here ... but still like it.

  3. Thanks for a great tour! Sure is beautiful scenery in those parts.

  4. What a blessing it is to life your life with you through your blog!!!


  5. HAhaaa... cute ol bottoms... oh, sigh... so beautiful ... and what fun seeing it all again through your eyes... ;0

  6. Seems like a really nice place to live,........ in the summer...! But I understand how that woods can be a bunch of work as the trees drop a gazillion needles.

    But enjoy your old haunt!

  7. Your old house looks lovely with a beautiful setting. The scenery is gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful Pictures!

    Funny how our dreams change over the years...I can't imagine wanting to be in another house that isn't on wheels. :)

  9. We are getting cherries at Costco but they are from Washington still.

  10. Always like going down memory lane, re-visiting places once important, see how things have changed... sometimes good, some, no so much. But it is a good thing!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you had a good one to help offset some of the bad ones.

  12. It's nice to go back and see your old house. It's even nicer to think you don't have to maintain it any more. Some things are better left to others.

    It sure is a beautiful area, though. Can see why you enjoyed it.

  13. Flathead cherries, we will have to give them a try sometime.


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