Monday, July 2, 2012


Billings, MT    High  98  Low 63

Todd and Michaela, anyhow.


Saturday morning we got up at 3:30 (yep a.m.) to get them to the airport for their 6:00 flight. They flew Alaska Air and check in only took a few minutes.


We walked them over to security and as you can see, getting through security in Billings, MT is not much of a wait.


They flew to Seattle, had a two hour layover and then a six hour flight to the island of Kauai. Have a great time kids.

Jim and I finally recovered from the wedding and on Thursday we met Arlene and Roger for lunch. Arlene used to work for Jim and had an “interesting” beginning. She was not happy about having a new boss and when Jim came to her one day with a new way of doing their special order parts (car dealership), she went off. But Jim just told her that it was going to be done and she finally gave in and got some help to rearrange everything.


The new arrangement saved Arlene and the guys a lot of work and Jim won her over. She will now tell you that Jim was the best boss she ever had, by far. We had a great laugh over that one.

If you’re ever in Billings and want a fantastic sandwich for lunch, Sweetgrass Sandwich Shop is THE place to go. They are only open for lunch and believe me, 1/2 sandwich is more than enough.

On Friday, Jim’s other wife (Janet) and I went to dinner and out to the mall to wander around. Now she’s not really his wife and there’s also a story behind that one.

The three of us did a lot of things together. (I worked with Janet.) One night we went down to the Wild West to do some country dancing. Jim was out on the dance floor with Janet and some drunk hit on me. I told him I was there with my husband and pointed to Jim out on the dance floor. He went away. Then I was dancing with Jim and the drunk came up to Janet. She told him she wasn’t interested because she was with her husband and pointed to Jim out on the dance floor. The drunk was so confused, he wandered off and didn’t bother anybody again.

Saturday morning, Tracie and her five month old, Eden, came to visit.


Saturday night we went to Dennis and Rita’s for dinner along with Sue and Ron. We have been having a great time catching up with people.


Sunday I prepped for my colonoscopy. Not too bad, but not fun. So glad I got the halflytely. Much easier to get down the half a gallon rather than a full gallon. More expensive but worth it for me.


Slept through the colonoscopy and ready to go out to dinner tonight with Judy and Gary.

Please be sure to remember all of those who have lost their homes in the forest fires and those who are without power in this heat wave.


  1. I'd much rather be going to Hawaii than taking the trip you made this morning. :)

  2. I'd rather drive a 750 mile day and end up at a flea bag motel than the trip you took this morning!

  3. I am sure they are going to have a great time in Hawaii:)

  4. They will make great memories in Hawaii. Its a good thing you slept so you have none!!! LOL!!

  5. least it's done. Good girl!

  6. dont even envy the choice of the halflightly! not fun at ALL! but glad you got it done, and hope all your reports go well.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. What!!! they didn't ask you to go with them on their honeymoon?? rude! have actually always thought it would be great to have "sister wives" the cooking and cleaning dept anyway...

  8. Hawaii is a great place for a honeymoon. Dave and I honeymooned there 33 years ago.

  9. Sounds like you've been a very busy little girl. At least the busiest part is behind you now so you can just relax and enjoy the rest of the summer! Not! I know you'll soon be heading off with Jim to camp and watch him fish and then fish some more.

  10. I noticed that Michaela had green on and Todd had red. Was this planned?

    So glad you had so much fun relaxing with friends.

    When we drove by Billings this morning, Paul and I waved at you two.

  11. I love that as they go off on their trip Todd is wearing red and Michaela is wearing green. Maybe they need to buy some striped shirts now, though?

    Oops, wrote this before reading comments and see that Marsha beat me to mine. :)

  12. Glad the kids had a good wedding and are off for a nice Honeymoon. Good to hear that Jim is rested up and feeling good again. Enjoyed catching up with your blog, we missed it when we were without internet.

  13. I don't get it "red and green". What's wrong with that.

  14. We are happy that you guys are having such a nice time.
    The wedding was beautiful....brings back memories.
    Really enjoy the photos and stories of all your friends that you are visiting and have lunch and dinner with.
    Sure glad your experience with the colonoscopy was more like the one Bill had instead of the one that I had.
    How long will the kyds be on their honeymoon? Sure too bad their little dog has to wear that funnel thingy.


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