Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I love it when we have a mix of new friends, old friends and animals friends.

First, I need to apologize for this terrible picture. My camera has been giving me grief and I finally broke down last evening and bought a new camera.

New Friends (and animal friend): Many of you out there follow along with Sue and Doug on their journeys in their pop-up camper and orange Jeep. We finally got to meet them because they are here in Kalispell. We also got to meet the most important family member, Tucker – the flying Wallinda. They are at an RV park about four miles from ours and we just dropped in on them to say hi and visit. Doug and Jim started talking fishing and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever drag him away.


Sure am looking forward to spending more time with these wonderful folks. Paul and Mary (Boris and Natasha) were also supposed to be here this week but they had air conditioning problems down in Colorado and aren’t going to make it. Miss you guys.

Old Friends: I used to work in Kalispell and there is still one guy left in the office who hasn’t retired that I know. So we tracked Rod down and went to lunch with him today. Went to Nickel Charlie’s and had a great meal and got all caught up on what he’s been doing. He’s going to retired the end of this year and I keep telling him it’s about time.


Loved the inside of this place.


After lunch we picked up the girls and took them for a walk in Woodland Park which is 38 beautiful acres.


It has a rose garden, rustic log gazebos, horse shoe pits, log pavilions, kids playground equipment, picnic areas, two miles of walking trails around a large pond with water fountains that freezes for winter Ice skating with a warming hut in the winter, a water park, swimming pool and skate board park. We often took Todd here ice skating. I much preferred the warming hut.


More Animal Friends: There are hundreds of ducks, geese and swans in the park and people bring bread to feed them so they are quite tame. However, Skittlez was good at protecting us from any bird that might come too close.


However, this Mama Goose hissed rather loudly when we walked by to let us know she was keeping a close eye on us around her babies.


Not often that I see a black duck.


These signs are all around the park and they do mean there are ducks crossing every where so be alert.


It’s a beautiful park and a wonderful place to take a picnic lunch.


We are staying at the Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park. Lots of trees for those who want trees and open spaces for those of us who prefer fewer and smaller trees.


Couldn’t resist this one.




  1. Oh, oh Judy. Competition for "the end". lol

  2. Hey, Sandie, I think Rich and I stayed in that campground. I don't recall what it was called at the time because it's quite a few years ago, now. I remember it because it had a metal bed in the flower "bed" and Gramma and three or four adorable little girls were busy planting flowers. So cute. I remember it like it was, yesterday. Wonder if they are the same owners. All very pleasant people.

    Glad you're having a great time and meeting other RVers on the road. I'm green, but I'm very happy for all of you.

    Have you thought of riding up to Polebridge in your toad?

  3. I think it is best that I don't meet up with Sue and Doug because we'd be fighting over who Tucker was going to go home with... ;c)

    1. we can can have him when he is wet and stinky..and we will take him fresh from the groomers!

  4. Oops, meant to say give S&S pats for me. :)

  5. I really liked Kalispell, especially the weather! It's probably warmed up a bit by now.

  6. Men and women and recipes. Chat, chat, chat.
    Love your end photo. Too cute!

  7. I'm so happy that you were able to meet Sue and Doug. We've had the pleasure of meeting them and we enjoy their company!

  8. What do you mean? The pictures are great. Isn't Tucker something. Sue and Doug aren't bad either.

  9. So glad y'all were able to meet up. It's fun to see! We're so sorry we weren't there, too. Miss y'all! Have fun!!!

  10. Did I miss where you told us about your new camera? I thought Jim just bought one not long ago?? Nice to meet up with new friends and old friends. Then, it's nice to go home and relax. I'm glad to see you're out and about again.

  11. that picture really isn't in our happy pants!..good thing we are happy!!!

  12. My camera died on one of the last days of our recent trip. I just haven't gotten around to thinking about a new one! Luck would have it that i downloaded the last picture out of it and then it just wouldn't turn back on.

  13. We saw 108 on the truck dash thermometer this afternoon over in Chandler, so don't hurry back...!

  14. Oh my beautiful Woodland Park! How many days and hours I spent there... Do good to see it again ;)

    Nickel Charlie's ... How did I miss that!

  15. Beautiful pictures of the park. Sounds like a wonderful place. We have also met Sue and Doug and they are just wonderful people. Tucker is quite the gentleman and good looking too!!

  16. When you said, "we picked up the girls and took them for a walk," I thought I had missed something--did you have family in Kalispell? Until I saw the photo of Jim and the "girls." :)

  17. Good thing you had the girls to keep you safe from the marauding ducks! :) Kudos on The End!

  18. Isn't it great to have as many types of friends as places to visit?

  19. You sure are making Kalispell appealing, kudos on 'the end'


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