Saturday, July 7, 2012


Billings, MT     High 94  Low 62

Not a lot happening here in Billings. The kids get back tonight so my dog sitting position will be over. Zoey is really a sweet dog but I will be glad to be back in my own bed.

Jim took the truck in for yearly maintenance items. Since he retired as the Parts Manager at Denny Menholt Chevrolet, they treat him really good. It also gives him a chance to go visit with all the guys he worked with or those that worked for him.

We are headed out in the morning towards Helena, MT. Jim needs to do some fishing over that way. And I am more than ready to get out of this drive-way. It’s been fun being able to see some old friends and it’s amazing how rapidly the time does go when you look back on it. The wedding was wonderful, but it’s time to move on.

Watching the National news this morning, they had a piece on hospital safety. Consumer Reports put out a list of the top ten hospitals in the country. They ranked 1,159 hospitals in 44 states based on data and interviews with patients, hospital staff and safety experts.

The Billings Clinic came in at the top of the list, with 72 points out of 100 possible. This is where I had my colonoscopy done. I thought that was pretty reassuring. However, 72 out of 100 still isn’t very good and the Physician in Chief at the Clinic acknowledged that they still had a lot of work to do because 72 wasn’t acceptable.

More than half of the rated hospitals received a score below 50. Sure hope this is a wake-up call for them.


  1. Egads...half rated below 50. What the heck are these hospitals doing?

    Glad you and Jim are getting away for awhile. Nice to be with family but there is a limit.

  2. A hospital is a very scary place to be.

    Hope Jim gets a good catch.

  3. Have fun. Is the temperature cooler in Helena? Not a very good score for hospitals, although we would all like to avoid them, sometimes that is not possible.

  4. I figured Jim would be going fishing before long. At least you'll get a chance to get on the road a little and relax.

    I'm having a tough, tough time reading blogs. Terrible internet.

  5. I stay as far away from hospitals as I can.

  6. Those hospital numbers are 'simply amazing'!

  7. It is very scary to know that half of the hospitals rated below! That sure takes your sense of security away doesn't it?
    You guys enjoy your next adventure! Good luck with the fishing, Jim!!

  8. Hi Sandi,
    I wanted you to know that we made our first three week trip out in our camper. We have been back home for a week and I am ready to load up and go again. Roger however is not. We had a good time but we had one major blip. We lost our thirteen year old doxie. I am just sick about it, but it looks like no one is going to return him.
    Have a great trip to Helena, Montana is so beautiful!
    Ladybug cottage

  9. Will be good to get back on the road and I'll bet Jim is ready to get a line wet

  10. Your words were perfect in describing the feeling of getting back on the road.


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