Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Kalispell, MT  High 82  Low 48 (just about perfect)

I very seldom see the sunrise, but I wanted to be on the way to Kalispell kind of early so this is what I got to see this morning. So beautiful, but not enough to get me up early every morning.


We left Helena about 8:50 and headed up over MacDonald Pass which was originally a toll road over the Rocky Mountains. It is 6,299 feet at the top and was named after Alexander MacDonald who built the first road across in 1870. Going down the west side there is an 8% grade and then a 7% grade for several miles. Really not very hard to do. The east side is much curvier and warns truckers to drive 25.


Highway 12 is four lanes going over the pass but becomes two lanes on the west side. Sometimes two lanes isn’t quite wide enough.


Also, as in the rest of the country, summer is road construction time. We had a couple of places where we had to slow down but not really anything that held us up for any time. Notice the hitchhiker on our windshield.


I’ll never forget the first time someone gave me directions to get from Kalispell to Helena. They told me to go down Highway 83 to the cow and turn left. Well, it’s actually a bull but you can’t miss it and you have to turn. I couldn’t find any history on this bull but he’s been there at least 40 to 50 years. Somewhere I have a picture of my Dad standing by this bull.


Driving through the Seeley/Swan valley is one of the prettiest drives. There are many lakes through this area and you drive along their shores for many miles. Because I was in the passenger seat I didn’t get any good pictures. I’ll take some on our way back to Helena.

In the winter time driving this road is like driving through a picture postcard. When the trees are covered with snow and the world is white, it is just amazing. But that is one of those things that I’ve done and hope to never do (I really do not like that snow). A lot of the trees have been killed by the beetles but just picture it with a white blanket on it. (That is a logging truck in front of us – lots of them in this area.)


Arrived at the Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park in Kalispell and got set up. We don’t have the river front view that Sue and Doug have but it’s still a pretty good view. Hope to meet them this week.


Met Paul at The Back Room for a rib dinner last night. We’ll be seeing him a few more times this week while we are here. We met Paul over four years ago at an Escapade and have been able to meet up with him several times a year since then. Sure do love this RVing life.


My internet connection is better up here so hopefully I can make comments on blogs again.


  1. Hey great reading! I'm trying to comment from the phone while traveling I 80. Nice traveling weather!

  2. Hi Sandie.....you guys are in my "neck of the woods" at present.....although we are still in AZ.....enjoy your time in Kalispell.



  3. you drive sounded a bit like ours!!!glad to be landed safely!!..see you soon?

  4. Your comment about the drive in winter made me realize I've made lots of beautiful drives that I have no desire to repeat. Good thing there's lots more of them available out there. :)

  5. Not only were you up fro sunrise, but you had the presence of mind to take a picture:)

  6. As much as I dislike snow, I'd take some right now!

  7. Jealous! So so so wish we were there!

  8. That's a lot of bull! Sorry, I couldn't resist... ;c)

  9. Beautiful sunrise! Thanks for sharing today's adventure. I sure am glad that ya'll are back out there again :-)))

  10. You mean you will pass up the chance to get up every morning to see another one of God's gifts? Me Too!

    Say hi to Sue and Doug for me. From reading their blog, they seem like really nice people.

  11. Love the 82 degrees temps you have, It was 106 when I got back to the ranch today after taking the Grands for an afternoon at the Lake swimming.Still a week more of this to come. Say HI to Sue & Doug for us too and also Tucker from Rigg's and Sadie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  12. Don't like the 8% downgrades unless they are short. Enjoy your "vacation" and we'll be checking back to see what you've been up to.

  13. I know exactly where that "cow" is located--Mike's parents lived in Seeley Lake for several years.

  14. That's a whole lotta bull! Your picture I mean, not your post, o.k.

  15. Aw.... can't wait to read all about it... love love love Kalispell

    nice ol bull too ;)

  16. Sandie I thought you were going to stay at the Elks.

  17. Great photos, love the sunrise. I don't usually see them. :)


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