Monday, July 30, 2012


Kalispell, MT  High 88  Low 51

Since it’s the week-end, we stayed pretty close to home. Did some laundry, a little grocery shopping, gave the girls baths. Lots of fun stuff. NOT!

We’re so pretty.


Scooter isn’t feeling good today. She’s been throwing up this morning, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on her to see if we need to find a vet.


We made a stop at Depot Park in Columbia Falls. Take a look at this neat old 1904 Shay Locomotive which was used for logging in the Swan Valley.


Jim added a new fish decoration to our household. We stopped in Snappy’s Sport Store and ran across this treasure. What fisherman wouldn’t want a fishing rod fly swatter.


Sue and Doug and Paul were all heading for new places this morning. Sue and Doug are headed up to Nelson in Canada to visit good friends and Paul is moving over to the east side of Glacier Park. We needed to have one more get together and I was feeling domestic (I know, I really was sick!) so I fixed dinner at our place. Had a wonderful time. So glad we got to meet Sue and Doug. And Tucker. We’ll be seeing Paul again sometime in Arizona.

David (Jim’s son), Kelly, and Katie Bug were supposed to be back today from Baltimore where Katie was competing in the National Track and Field Championships. But David has ended up in the hospital and we’re not sure when they will be back. David has had stomach problems for years and the doctors here have not been able to determine what is wrong. Hopefully the doctors back East have better luck. David’s Mom lives back there so she is making sure he is getting good care.


  1. Sure hope Scooter feels better real soon.

    Your weekend sounds a bit like mine, less the 'feeling domestic'... I was the one under the weather here... the ole back decided to go out, as it does at random times for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

    The locomotive pic is great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hope all goes well for both David and Scooter. It makes Moms nervous to have sick kids so be sure you are taking care of yourself during this time, too.

  3. Hi, Sandie and Jim,

    Hope Scooter and David are feeling better very soon.

    Since Jim is such a fisherman I thought I'd tell you about something that I encountered when I was in Oregon. Jack got sick. I took him to a vet and he said there's something called Salmon Poisoning--he wasn't sure if Jack had it or not. Dogs don't necessarily get it from eating fish, they can get it by sniffing the feces of raccoons or other dogs. It is lethal and can take a dog in days. He gave Jack a shot (the only shot I've ever heard him cry with) "just in case". They will usually run a high fever, but since I brought him in so quickly, the fever may not have had a chance to develop. He was fine within a few days. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

    If Scooter develops diarrhea or a fever (over 101.5) then I'd ask a vet if they see cases of it in Montana.

  4. Doesn't sound so quiet with Scooter being sick and worrying about David! Hope they both are soon are the road to feeling much better. Love the fish fly swatter.

  5. Now that is one classy fly swatter. Jim might get more enjoyment out of it than a real fly rod.

  6. Sorry one of your pups is not feeling well.David too. Speedy recovery! Love that train. Nothing like hearing a real train going by not the dull sounding ones they have now.

  7. Never a good thing when one of our furkids is under the weather

  8. Hope Scooter's feeling better. Our Rylie had the same problem one morning last week but next day and since she's been her normal self. Who knows what they get into when they're outside!

  9. Sure hope Scooter is on the mend soon. Yes, I saw in your comment section where you received a lot of grief for cooking for some people and not others!!

  10. Hope Scooter feels better without a trip to the dreaded Vet:)

  11. Poor Scooter. Hope he is better very soon. Boy, life is sure lazy in the fulltimer world!

  12. the dinner was a lovely time..thanks so much for inviting us!


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