Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Billings, MT       High 103  Low 65

We are dogsitting while the kids are in Hawaii. It’s been kind of nice because their house is much cooler than our fifth wheel in this weather. I can also get all caught up on laundry. They have cable TV which is a change from our antenna.


The girls have all declared an uneasy truce. Zoey is still young and would love to play but with our older girls and their bad backs, we don’t want them rough housing.


Zoey is allergic to just about every type of grass that exists and she bites and licks herself until she bleeds. That’s why she has to wear the cone of shame. We are starting a new program this week called Dinovite and hope this might alleviate some of her misery.

But I don’t fit through the doggy door anymore.


At night, Jim takes our girls out to the fiver and I stay in the house with Zoey. There just wouldn’t be room in the bed for all five of us.


Todd and Michaela also have fish and I almost forgot all about them. But I remembered about 9:00 Saturday night and got them fed. So far none of them have died and if they’re going to, I sure hope they wait for Todd and Michaela to get home.

We had a beautiful moon last night.



  1. Our beagle use to do the same thing due to grass allergies...she looks so sad with that cone around her neck. Glad you are staying cool!

  2. Oh how I hate to see any animal in one of those cones. Poor Zoey. I sure hope this new treatment does the trick.

    I took some pics of the moon also. Just gorgeous.

  3. enjoy your stay in the 'big house'!!..Zoey is a cutie even with her cone of shame!

  4. funny. I am so glad all is good.

  5. That cone of shame is a hoot. Poor thing.

  6. Really unfortunate about the grass allergies, Always feel so bad about the little doggy guys whenever they have to wear a cone like that. We know the cone is necessary but they don't & always have that helpless look on their little faces with with big eyes asking....why:((

  7. We have had gorgeous moon light also...even turned the AC off ALL day yesterday...Arizona had a nice little rain...what a nice break...xo

  8. What is with this heat here in Montana??? We did have a very pleasant July 4 though, probably in the low 80's.

  9. Sure hope Zoey is able to get the cone off soon. Dogs always look so sad when they have to wear those things.

  10. Duchess had to wear a cone when we had her ears done many years ago. She didn't like it then either and we certainly weren't going to enlarge our doggy door to fit that cone. Enjoy the inside cool temperatures when it's so hot. When they get back you and Jim need to take a vacation. You deserve it!

  11. Are you absolutely sure it is a grass allergy? Our neighbor's dog had such bad allergies that he lost the fur on his legs. The vet finally sent him to an Vet Allergy Specialist. Turns out that it wasn't any of the things they thought. It was food related and the vet said that was what it usually was. One of our doxies had some minor problems as well. So we put them on the same food--Natural Balance Lamb and Brown Rice. Voila--no more problems. We give them the Sweet Potato and Duck treats. Important to not give them other stuff. Example--neighbor's dog was completely healed up and all fur looking great when they gave the dog a beef bone--same problem all over again. Just a thought--worked great for us. Since we have three doxies, we just feed it to all three of them.

  12. A house - feels weird I bet.

  13. Ohhh that poor Zoey... the look is just pitiful!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. I hate those cones almost as much as Zoey does. I look like a clown wearing one...

  15. Olivia seems to have grass allergies and Oliver has beef allergies. I have seen soft, inflatable cones. I wonder if they are more comfortable....

  16. Hope the Dinovite works for Zoey.

  17. The cones are so effective yet I feel so sorry for the dogs-they all look so pitiful with them on. Hope the new treatment works for Zoey.

  18. Hey you guys,
    You could stick around a little bit longer!!
    We will miss you, simply because we didn't get to see you that much.
    I guess if you have to go, you have to go.....
    Like I said, we will miss you.
    Be safe and take was nice seeing you for the short time that we did see you.
    Bill and Carol


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