Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slides In? Nope

Brush, CO  High 84  Low 52

About the last thing we do when we’re getting ready to pull out is to pull in our slides. Jim was hitched up, had everything unplugged and put away. We had gone over our check sheet and the girls were ready to go. Jim pushed the switch to pull in the slides and NOTHING.

He goes out to see if he can figure out what’s wrong. Pushes on it a few times and comes back in to try again. Nothing. Can’t find the owner’s manual so I get on line to try and find out where the manual override is. Takes me forever to locate the information.

In the meantime Jim determines that the mechanism is low on hydraulic fluid. Only problem is we are already hitched up. What a pain.

But neighbors to the rescue. We had visited with them yesterday when they pulled in and I had found out that they are from Fort Morgan. They bring their five year old granddaughter (they have custody) to the park to play on week-ends and also bring the camper. I knew they would know where to get the fluid so I sent Jim over to talk to them. He took Jim to get the fluid so we didn’t have to unhitch.

Jim put in the fluid and guess what, Slides In – Yep!

It’s a good thing we don’t usually have a set time to get on the road. Headed north and west out of Brush to Cheyenne, WY. HEAD WIND!! You could just see that fuel gauge dropping. We only had 113 miles to go but Jim was sure happy when we pulled into the campground.

We’ll be here for three nights doing some sight seeing. We’re at ABCamping RV Park and this place is really popular as a stopover for a night on the way through. It was completely full last night and they had large motorhomes parked nose to tail taking up several small sites along the road. I’m glad we actually have a site.


  1. Good news about just being low on fluid. We have electric slides with our 5th W, but when we had the MH, Paul was forever checking the fluid.

  2. You were certainly lucky on that slide. Thank goodness it was just a little fluid.

  3. Rack and pinion! No hydraulic fluid needed.

    Good to see you are having fun.

  4. Happy to hear that all you needed was hydraulic fluid to get the slide working again.

    Sounds like a pretty busy park. Enjoy your time in the area.


  5. We have the rack and pinion kind too... I'm told they shear their shear keys...

  6. I wouldn't have had a clue what to do about the slides. Good thing I no longer have a 5th wheel, or anything with slides for that matter.

  7. Lucky- always good when it is an easy fix and your fellow rvers are there to help:)

  8. I fell against the switch thing.. heard a racket ... saw the bedroom slide sliding in ... I was brand new to this sort of stuff... it was pretty funny seeing me going WTH .... and figuring out where the thing was that I pushed on!

    I found it but the bed had pushed an end table into the whatever space it was going in ...

    That's why I traveled in Homer... easy peasy... you got a Jim.

    1. oh and it still has a nice dent...

  9. I just asked John to add fluid. I have noticed that our slides are getting slower and slower to come in. We have one jack leaking fluid and will need to have that fixed before we hit the road in 3 weeks.

  10. You are staying in the only RV park in Cheyenne which isn't on the railroad track--enjoy your sightseeing!

  11. Pushing that slide button was one of those times I would have my fingers crossed when we had our motorhome. We only had the one slide, and there was always that thought that it would give us grief, which of course led to some reluctance to even put the thing out.
    Only ever had to replace a dirty switch.
    It's wonderful to have the extra room, but once in a while there's some extra hassle.
    Keep that fluid handy.

  12. We had that same issue once but ours are electric, so fluid wasn't the problem. He moved them manually and that seemed to fix least for now.

    Glad you had an easy fix and were able to get on the road.

  13. One thing we have found in all our travels is how nice people are at helping you out....what a nice neighbor! So glad you got the fluid and were able to travel on...we were stuck for 2 weeks once waiting for a motor...

  14. Phew! Glad it was an easy fix, hope you didn't use up all your luck on it... :c)

  15. How frustrating. I'm guessing you now have "check hydraulic fluid" on your routine maintenance list. :)

  16. That's really great that you figured out what was wrong! Our slide sticks sometimes, but with persistence finally works. It's not hydraulic, so that's not it. We really need to get that looked at next winter.

  17. Thank goodness for neighbors. Glad to see it was a simple fix.

  18. Glad it was only the fluid that you needed.


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