Saturday, October 8, 2011



This is what greeted us when we left the RV this morning. Beautiful but I’m just glad it wasn’t down on the valley floor. (This was yesterday. Couldn’t get a connection last night.)

IMG_3341 Just northwest of St. George is Snow Canyon state park. We love checking out all the campgrounds so we headed up to see this one. It’s a five mile drive through the canyon and they charge you $6 but boy was it worth it.

IMG_3330 Talk about another beautiful place. Everywhere you go down here, you see beautiful landscapes. Looked like a nice campground (we wouldn’t fit because of the boat).



Snow Canyon State Park is a 7,400-acre park of lava flows and sandstone cliffs in a desert environment. It was established to protect the federally listed desert tortoise and its habitat. There are more than 18 miles of hiking trails, a three-mile paved walking/biking trail and over five miles of equestrian trails.

IMG_3354 Anasazi Indians lived in this region from A.D. 200 to 1250. Paiute Indians used the canyon from A.D. 1200 to the mid-1800’s. Mormon pioneers discovered the canyon in the 1950’s while searching for lost cattle.

Several movies have been filed here including The Electric Horseman, Jeremiah Johnson and my favorite movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


The park was named for Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, prominent pioneering Utah leaders. They actually don’t often get snow in the canyon.


  1. What beautiful pictures! I also am glad you didn't have that winter stuff all over you! Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Great pictures of Snow Canyon! We checked out that park, too, and decided we wouldn't fit either, even without a boat, and especially if we wanted one of the few hookup sites. We rode our bicycles on the bike path, though.

  3. It surely is a beautiful place. Did you see any tortoises?

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

  5. Super nice photos but you better get out of there before the snow comes down to meet you. Then, it's not so nice.

  6. You're making us drool here! Love the scenery and we would just love to hike there. Not sure about the snow though!

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Gosh that photography is just wonderful! We have to get there next time we go west.

    Karen and Steve
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  8. Thank you for the kind words for our Lady Bug.

    What a beautiful place you are in it will be on our list. thanks

  9. That's just the kind of scenic country I love so much. Nice pics.

  10. I'm so glad you are back out on the road exploring again - just call me selfish but I really enjoy your posts and photos! It's almost like being there.

  11. Just catching up with you guys after a few hectic days. You are seeing some great country, and we appreciate your letting us ride along with you!

  12. Sure is a pretty place ~ but that snow is a little close for comfort, isn't it? It does add to the beauty of the colors though...

  13. Enjoyed all your great pictures today... snow... yuck!


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