Friday, October 5, 2018

Fredericksburg, VA Moose RV Parking

Fredericksburg, VA  High 82  Low 61

After leaving Martinsburg, our next stop is Fredericksburg. We stayed at the Moose Lodge which is really convenient to the family. They have two electrical hookups and all they want is a donation to their children’s fund.


This is a very active Lodge. There are activities every night. However, like most fraternal lodges,  it is very smokey and we can’t handle that. Too bad.


We did not do any sight seeing while we were in Fredericksburg. We saw most of the civil war battlefields when we were here four years ago. This visit is all about family.

We did make one stop though.

Paul’s Donut Shop


A wonderful selection of donuts but their website advertised elephant ears and they did not have any. That’s why we went there so even though we enjoyed a donut, we were disappointed.



  1. Too bad no elephant ears, that would be frustrating. glad you enjoyed the donuts though.

  2. In my parents generation, these clubs were very popular and they belonged to several but now that alcohol is served in restaurants I don't hear as much about them.

  3. If you stop somewhere a donut shop is the place to do it!!
    Family....the best stop of all!!!!

  4. There are always priorities. It looks like family and donuts were the winners.

  5. Hahaha. I would have had to try the elephant ears also.

  6. Sorry they didn't have what you were craving. That hurts.


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