Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another Unique Camping Spot

Charlotte, NC   High 71  Low 55 (humidity only 48% and it’s wonderful)

We moved further south into North Carolina. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, temperature in the 70’s and much lower humidity. A very welcome change. We were very glad we weren’t headed north when we came upon this backup on I-77 due to construction. The backup extended at least five miles.


We are camped at the Moose Lodge in Charlotte. The lodge is set back down a dirt road in the trees.



They offer electric and water hookups for $20 a night. The electric posts are rather strangely arranged on a small hill. Jim was able to maneuver us into a spot and we were glad to see how level it was. We are backed right up to the hill so our back stabilizer jack didn’t need to be put down very far.


Our neighbor lives here permanently. (Her site has a sewer hookup.) Brenda is very friendly and made sure to invite us to the dinner and dance at the Moose last night. (We didn’t go.) But she is a hoarder. Her car is also filled with so much stuff there is barely room for her. She has four dogs living with her in the trailer – all are rescues.

We are definitely in the Bible Belt. On our way home from Church this morning I decided to count the number of churches I saw in our 11 mile drive. The grand total was 14. That’s more than one per mile. 

We will be exploring this area for the next week.


  1. Beautiful scenery in that area but the always have Construction going on.
    Sad when people think they are saving the environment when they are affecting their own Physical and Mental well-being by being Hoarders.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. When you're in the Bible Belt it definitely is noticeable. Isn't it about time you turned that rig due west?

  3. Looks pretty cozy back there. hope you find fun things to explore

  4. Enjoy yourself at the lodge and the bible belt sure can be interesting.

  5. Hopefully all those churches get along with each other. Just imagine the competition for parishioners. ;c)

  6. Yep, you are in the Bible belt. You won't know it when you are in Atlanta, though. You aren't too far from the Biltmore if I remember correctly. I stayed at a preserve--think it was in Charlotte. Very funny (awful, really) story about dumping there that I will never, ever forget. Glad you are getting closer!


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