Saturday, January 25, 2014

Straddling the Fence

Quartzsite, AZ  High 73  Low 42

We finally have our internet issues fixed. We are actually back in Yuma and our first stop was at the Verizon store. They took a look at our Jetpack which was showing 1X which is not a good thing. She reset the Jetpack and put in a new SIM card. We now have 4G service. Can’t believe we’ve been without internet for so long. I wrote this post many days ago and I need to catch up.

We are having a good time relaxing and not doing too much. Without the internet or TV, Jim and I are still playing a lot of cards at night and I’m reading a lot of books. We have a happy hour and campfires every night. Thursday night we had a potluck with so much food we could have fed another 60 people.

Friday we went into town with Jan and Bill but there was no place to park at any of the vendors. We gave up trying to buy anything and stopped at a BBQ stand for lunch. Saw this great looking camel in the parking lot and had to say hi. Jan said they must be Chevy wheels or Jim wouldn’t have gotten that close.


Saturday the Big Tent opened and we headed up there bright and early so we could make sure we got a parking spot. We were on a mission. We have been talking about buying a smaller, quieter generator for several months. Our neighbors, Dave and Susie, have been letting us use their Champion 2000 inverter and it is exactly what Jim has wanted. They were selling Champions last year outside the big tent and we were hoping they would be again.

We found them and made our purchase. We wanted to wander some more so they told us to just pull up to the fence and they would lift it over to us when we were ready to go. One small problem. They couldn’t hear Jim yelling at them so he had to climb over the fence to get their attention.

That meant he had to climb back over the fence. Thank goodness Bill was with us because Jim’s foot got caught and who knows how long he would have been stuck.


Sunday we drove over to Blythe, CA to have lunch with Ginny and Mickey (from our park in AJ). They were attending the Bluegrass Festival in Blythe and were having a great time.

Ginny and Mickey at the California coast.


bathroomdoor1We took off early so we could get some laundry done. Trying to do laundry in Quartzsite can be tough because there are so many folks. The Laundromat in Blythe was really nice and when we got there it was practically empty. Been a long time since we’ve seen a pay before you can use bathroom but that is what we found at the laundromat. A quarter that was well spent.

We met up with Ginny and Mickey at Steaks and Cakes. Pretty good – definitely better than anything we’ve had in Q.

steaks and cakes

Monday we took Dave and Susie to lunch in Parker to thank them for letting us use their generator. We were going to one place only to find out they were closed.

roadrunner cafe4

So down the road a little further was the Roadrunner. A restaurant on a floating dock on the Colorado River. Kind of a dive with beautiful views. The food was very good and we would definitely go back. We were glad our first choice was closed.

roadrunner cafe5

I failed to get a picture of Dave and Susie. But I got the dock.

roadrunner cafe1

This duck(?) was amazing to watch. He would dive all the way down to the bottom of the river and bring back up some food.

roadrunner cafe2

Roadrunner Cafe


  1. I've heard there used to be a time where there was no internet and people used to read and play cards often.

    My fence climbing days are over...looks dangerous to me.
    Damn, that bathroom would cost me about $1.25 an hour!

  2. The Roadrunner sounds like a fun place to go. I have to put it on my "to visit" list.

  3. Doug says "it's a coot". The bird! not the old coots.

  4. I love that camel! Is that Jolly, or whoever that guy/camel was? That fence climbing can be dangerous... at least it didn't have barbed wire at the top ;-) And, yeah, that looks like a coot to me....

  5. Glad to see you back .. love the camel... and Steaks and Cakes? love the dive with a view ... my kind of places... good food

    haaa great shot of Jim climbing a fence... and the green water?! beautiful

  6. Very creative camel! recycling at its finest, into ART! let us know what you think of your new generator...

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. A dive with a view and goof food sounds awesome!
    The crowds in Quartzsite are slowing down now, glad that you got your Verizon up and running again. There is a Verizon booth in the tent.

  8. Sometimes no internet can be a good thing, but not for long stretches of time!

  9. I think that camel would make a great hood ornament on your truck, with all the GM wheels... :c)

  10. Craig and I play Gin, Yatzee, or Mexican train about once a week. We have no TV. I hope when we finally do get on the road and Craig gets a sattelite system, tv doesn't take over.

  11. You guys are so busy! I really enjoyed our visit the other day, and was glad we were able to meet up.

    It's good that you got your Internet going again. If you knew it was the Jetpack you could have gotten it fixed much earlier. I also have a Jetpack, and finally bought out my contract - it didn't work half the time and was too frustrating to deal with. You have a lot of patience! :)

  12. Glad that Jim made it safely over the fence. I don't know that I would have the nerve to try something like that any more. I have the Verizon Jetpack also. When it works well it is great; when there is a problem, and I've had a few, it requires a visit to a Verizon store. My contract expires in June and I definitely want to find an alternative that doesn't take a degree in rocket science to use.

  13. That camel is neat.
    I love to read. Playing cards is a very nice pass time.

  14. Have you tried the restaurant called the Palo Verde in Q? It was, hands down, our favorite.

  15. We've stayed in that county park in Parker and eaten at the Roadrunner several times. It's a fun place. Didn't know Jim was a fence climber.

  16. Sure sounds like you are enjoying the desert! Glad you got your internet back!

  17. Happy to see you are back in the internet world.


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