Friday, January 10, 2014

Six in Mexico

Yuma, AZ  High 72   Low 48

There were six of us headed for Algodones. Five of us to visit the dentist and one (Jan) along for the fun.

Jim was going to drive and Wednesday morning he went out to put stuff away so there would be room for all of us. He got in to start the truck and it was deader than a door nail. We were short on time so Bill came to the rescue and we all rode with him.

There’s a huge parking lot at the border and it costs $6 to park. Then you just walk across the border. It’s that easy.

We found the dentist’s office only to learn she had a new office several blocks away. Wandered our way over and announced our arrival. All five of us had 10:00 a.m. appointments. They don’t do things quite the same as we do in the states.

Jan wasn’t having any work done but she kept plenty busy with her camera. All of these pictures are borrowed from her blog.

Tom and Diane came in for cleanings.



Bill needed a crown and some fillings. He had to go back on Thursday to finish up.


Jim thought he needed a couple of crowns and ended up with four of them.

2014.01.08 001

Then there is yours truly. I ended up getting 8 crowns and a bridge. Jim and I have to go back on Saturday to finish up our work.


I’m going to do a separate post about the whole experience and the costs involved.

It was really fun to have all the company. Made for a great time.

Tom, Diane, Bill, Jan, Jim and me

2014.01.08 003

Jim and I took a long time so the others wandered around and had some lunch while they waited for us. When we finished up we needed to get some food in Jim so we stopped at this little restaurant. Pretty good food but fantastic company.

2014.01.08 005

Coming back across the border was a breeze. The last time Jim and I went to Mexico the line to cross back into the USA was looong and it took us about two hours. I added to this time because of problems with my passport. It took me about 30 minutes of answering questions before they let me through. Not fun. I got a new passport last month. This time there was hardly any line and we were through in about 15 minutes.

Got home and the girls were sure glad to see us. Toni and Doug took care of them for us while we were gone. Thanks guys.


As soon as we got back, Jim and Bill started working on Jim’s truck. Tried jumping it, charging the batteries, and finally Bill and Jan took Jim into Yuma and he bought two new batteries for the truck. Runs real good now.

Jan just loves the fact that the Dodge was helping the Chevy.


It was a very long day and we were sound asleep by 9:30.


  1. Eight crowns? That's more than I have and my dentist used to call me the Queen of England! :)

  2. Hi Sandie.....I have another Montana friend who also went down to the same spot to have her teeth worked on. They turned out great...she is very happy with the results. I, myself, have never done fact I have only been across the border twice in my life. Once when I was 18 and very early on in my marriage to Brad. It is funny....since we do live so very close that I don't go more often.



  3. I'm still thinking about whether to go to a dentist in Algodones or not. If things stay the way they are I'll probably opt to wait until I get back home.

    I'll be interested to read your full report on your visit.

  4. I am always scared of dentist. I am glad that you guys are not.

  5. This is an interesting topic. I'll be waiting to hear more about your experience with getting dental work done in Mexico.

  6. And, all that dental work was fun ??????

  7. Angela had work done down there last month. We are up at the Q now..

  8. We see Dr. Sonia Morales in Algodones. I've been lucky, only cleaning and a couple of fillings. Denis has 4 crowns and they look great. WOW 8 crowns ... you'll have movie star teeth when they're done.

  9. Wow---I've always heard that doctors and dentists were MUCH cheaper in Mexico... Wish we lived closer to the border..... Tell us MORE about your cost, etc...


  10. Whew....i do not like the dentist. I am curious about the work and cost.

  11. I knew I shouldn't have read your blog today when I saw the title. I broke a tooth this evening and will have to call the dentist on Monday. He's only a mile or so away, so it will be convenient, but most likely expensive.

  12. I never thought that going to the dentist could be made into a fun day trip. They must be a lot cheaper to drive all that way - look forward to hearing the details.

  13. could you two possibly eat after all that work. Wasn't your mouth totally numb?

  14. Such great deals there in Algodones, love visiting there. Good food too.
    Enjoy the desert, we love it.

  15. Looking forward to your "crowning" post.

  16. I've had dental work done in Algodones also, will look forward to your next post--be sure and tell us the dentist's name.

  17. Glad things worked out and glad you got that dental stuff out of the way! Not fun! Bet you were tired and glad to get back home. Funny what people take pictures of!!

  18. Wow!!! Eight crowns sure is a lot of dental work. I sure am not a fan of seeing dentists. Looking forward to hearing of your crowning post!

  19. Yup.. Steve and I both had work done there, (different dentist) and really saved a bundle, and 3 years later our work is holding up great!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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