Friday, January 17, 2014

Lin’s Chinese Buffet

Yuma, AZ  High 77  Low 51

I’m still trying to get caught up from no internet and I just had to tell you about Lin’s Chinese Buffet in Yuma.

Toni and Doug told us how good it was and they wanted to go back, so we made plans to pick up Denise and head out for some good food.

However, when you see this as you arrive you begin to wonder if maybe it was the food. Not really.


Denise really hates to have her picture taken but I took it anyhow.


Poor Jim. I got him with his mouth full.


Doug was actually enjoying himself even though he wouldn’t smile for me.


It was hard to get pictures of the tables of food because the place was packed. But this should give you some idea.



Toni made two wonderful pies while we were parked next to them. She asked Jim what his favorite pie is and he told her coconut custard (not cream). So she found a recipe and made him a pie. I forgot to take pictures because it was gone so rapidly. She also tried a new recipe for a caramel/apple pie that was definitely a keeper. Thanks again Toni.

We are now in Quartzsite so I’m going to try and make two posts today. If the internet will cooperate.


  1. We have a similar buffet near us in NJ. Great food and unbelievable selection.

  2. Lin's is the best! We have 2 near us here in the Rio Grande Valley and we've never been disappointed.

    Beautiful smile too! We've both had dental work done in Progresso, Mexico and again - not disappointed. Great work and great prices.

    Make it a great day!


  3. John would eat himself crazy there! Super happy that you had a good time with the gang. Gads, I sure miss you all.

  4. That picture of the lady at the buffet made me think of my mother. I sure miss her.

  5. I still can't get excited over food (and I'm so sick and tired of trying to eat more calories), but that looks like a nice buffet, and the pies sound delicious.

  6. I have heard about that place... hmmm might have to try it out next time we find ourselves in Yuma!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. Wish I could find a good Chinese buffet ... I love their food but hate that I can't find anything but Chinese made stuff but blast if I can find a good buffet!

    I don't understand....

  8. That place looks like it has an awful lot of food. It's probably best we never go there. We'd eat way too much.

  9. Chinese Buffets and me don't get along. I eat way to much food just because its all so good. Enjoy the Q, internet working great for us here.

  10. Looks like a smorgasbord of foods...and I love Chinese food.
    The caramel apple pie sounds delicious!

  11. We love Chinese food....will definitely remember this when we get to Yuma next month!

    Enjoy the Q!

  12. Where is Toni now? I need to park next to her! :c)

  13. It was great to meet you guys today.. Thanks for coming by to see us.

  14. How does it compare to #1 Eastern in Mesa?

  15. Thank you for your patronage, Jim and Sandie! It’s great to know you and your companions enjoyed the food, and they were too busy eating to smile for the photos. Hope you visit again!

    James Moore @ Lin's Grand Buffet


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