Thursday, January 9, 2014

Feels So Good

Yuma, AZ  High 72  Low 48

Monday morning we were up and over to the RV store by 7:00 a.m. We figured they would have a couple of guys doing the bearings but one poor soul got the whole job. That meant it took a whole lot longer than we had thought it would. We finally got on the road just before 11:00.

We caught up with Dianna along the road and finally arrived at Pilot Knob about 3:00. We got Dianna unhitched and then she had to go back to Phoenix because she had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning. Shortly after she left Jan and Bill arrived.

Monday evening we had a pot luck with Toni, Doug, Diane, Tom, Jan and Bill. Toni fixed a wonderful ham and had pecan pie for dessert. The rest of the food was fantastic also. Doug built a blazing campfire and we caught up on all the latest travels and ordeals and friends. A perfect evening.

Tom, Diane, and Doug


Tuesday was a relaxing, do-nothing day. Well, we watched Jan and Bill’s rig get washed and waxed.


And we solved world problems.

Jan, Bill and Doug. Toni – where are you? I’ll track you down later with the camera.


Jim grilled hamburgers for dinner. Wednesday is our big adventure into Mexico for dental work. Fingers crossed.

Pilot Knob sunset.




  1. What a great day...pot luck, campfire, good just doesn't get any better!

    Good luck at the dentist!

    1. Oh...and I forgot, the sunset is beautiful!

    2. Well, we had planned on being in that area about that time. So, just imagine that we have an invisible RV in your circle.

  2. We did dental in Mexico at Los Algadones.... great experience and saved us a LOT of money!

    Dr. Roberto Arce at

    here is the blog post of our day:

    and there is a second post two days later when our bridge and inlays were all done.

    it was a great adventure!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Always good to spend time with friends!

  4. How long are you planning on being in the area ?

  5. Sounds like you are really camping this time. It's nice to spend time with good friends around a campfire. Enjoy.

  6. Algadones was our first taste of Mexico. We got our teeth cleaned and I got new glasses. Saved a bundle!

    Enjoy all your time with friends.

  7. Thanks for the great picture of Doug by the fire. I stole it. Never know where it's going to show up.

  8. Good luck with the dentist. Most everyone I have read has a good report on Algadones dentists.

  9. Ah, such great pictures! Sounds like you are having wonderful fun. Beautiful sunsets! We don't get them like that back East so that's why they are a treat here in AZ. Enjoy the rest of your trip and good luck at the dentist.

  10. nice that all of you are enjoying your stay at Pilot Knob!!..looks beautiful there!

  11. Hard to beat hanging around, solving the worlds issues and watching someone else work. We're enjoying being back on the road and the warmer FL weather.

  12. How long are you staying in the Quartzsite area? We will probably head down there early next week.

  13. We enjoyed the the Pilot Knob area and excellent deals in Los Algodones .
    Good times and good food with friends as well, have too much fun.

  14. Craiga had good results with his dental last November. I want to spend a few weeks in Yums so I can get new glasses in Mexico. The kind of lenses I want can take two weeks so I didn't get any when we went for Craig.

  15. OK, did he wash the 5th wheel alone or did someone do it for him? If someone did, how much?


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