Friday, June 9, 2017

North and West

Farmington, NM  High 94  Low 67

We try to keep our miles traveled below 200 in a day and preferable under 150. 110 miles north of Santa Fe is Heron Lake State Park. Most of you know how wonderful New Mexico State Parks are and this was no exception. For $14 we had water and electric with a dump station. I thought the campground was close to the water but we never did see the lake. Of course, we didn’t unhitch so didn’t do any exploring.

Isn’t this a gorgeous huge site!


This was our closest neighbor.


Beautiful scenery on our way west.




Another 108 miles further down the road we are in Farmington, NM in the northwest corner of the state. We are camped at the San Juan County Fairgrounds. For $20 a night we have water and electric with a dump station. And NO neighbors. There are over 500 RV spots – some on asphalt and some on gravel.


You can also boondock out in their huge parking lot but 94 degrees is just too hot for us not to have the air running.


The woman working in the office who checked us in was just wonderful. She was at lunch when we got here so we just picked a spot and checked in later. We picked a gravel spot under the biggest tree in the area. She told us this was the best spot in the park. She also gave us some suggestions for dinner.

Beautiful sunsets


We picked the Blue Moon Diner. Jim had the meatloaf but wasn’t very impressed with it. However, the side salad he got was a meal by itself. I had the chicken fried steak and Jim and I are going to share the leftovers for dinner tonight. My dinner was very good and so was Jim’s milkshake. They make their own ice cream.  

We also had an errand to run. The handle on our TV antenna broke. Found an RV dealer with a parts department that had the new handle. Jim said their service department must not be very friendly. There was a sign posted that said “We do not perform warranty work on any vehicle not purchased from us.”

Since we have NO neighbors, we are going to do some exploring because we can leave the barker in the rig.



  1. Yes we have experienced NM state parks. Such value.

  2. Wow! I love the places you've been able to stay. No. We haven't done NM parks. Keep good records 'cuz one of these days I might want details. :)

  3. NM parks from what I have seen on blogs and from word of mouth are fantastic. Maybe some day. The sunsets are just beautiful

  4. Crikey Jim and Sandie .... I've sure missed following your tripsying around and the beautiful photos of your country. That sunset ...... fair dinkum ..... is that beautiful or what?? So Rocky Joe is still a bit of a handful, aye?? Poor bloke. He sure is lucky to have you two. I'm a bit of a handful too. I hate being left home alone. I don't bark but I howl. The neighbours think I'm being slaughtered or something. Lucky they know me and like me, aye??

  5. We love parks like that one! Huge site.
    I wish there were more County Fairgrounds around the country like that one.
    I bet the "barker" is having a wonderful time with no neighbors.

  6. When we lived in NC, we had a Keystone travel trailer that we bought in Michigan. We had a TERRIBLE time finding a dealer to work on it. They wouldn't talk to us if we didn't buy it there. I always wondered if people who purchased locally experienced the same problem elsewhere.
    Your photos are making me want to go to New Mexico!

  7. We're finding that dealers won't touch Rv's not purchased from them.

  8. Dealers with policies like that certainly won't get my business, I wouldn't even buy parts from them.

  9. Love Heron lake. We'll probably hit that this summer again. That is gorgeous scenery

  10. We love parks like that one! Huge site.
    I wish there were more County Fairgrounds around the country like that one.

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