Thursday, June 5, 2014

Locking Love

+Lovelock, NV  High 90  Low 53

I’ve finally got my computer working again even though I have no idea how or why. I was also finally able to up my gigabyte limit and I’m trying to catch up.

We spent the night in Lovelock, NV. A small town with a rather expensive campground. $30 for a spot with hookups. You check yourself in, find your own spot, and feel the trains shake your rig. No pool, no laundry, no showers, no office. But we had hookups and air conditioning.

The Pershing County courthouse was built in 1920. Jim and I talked about the personality these older government buildings have as compared to some of the more “modern” architecture.


To the left of the courthouse is Lovelock Plaza where family, friends and lovers come to forever lock their love. In 2006 Lovelock adapted the ancient Chinese custom of symbolically locking one’s love on a never ending chain. It is said that love will endure as long as the lock remains on the chain. You fasten a lock on the chain and throw away the key, uniting your love for eternity.


Sidney didn’t have another bird to lock his love with.


We ate lunch at the Cowpoke Café. Everything is homemade including their fantastic french fries. We had to wait a bit for our food. Worth the wait.


Our furnace quit working so Jim is busy taking it apart. Found out it was a bad thermostat. We replaced it and we have heat again. The nights are chilly even though the days are beautiful.


I haven’t included pictures of the girls lately so here’s a couple to show you how well they are settling into their life in the Bungalow.

So Mom, do I get the TV clicker or the computer?


Scooter waiting patiently for Jim to come through the door to take her for a walk.


It really is a dog’s life at our house.



  1. Those poor fur kids sure have it rough.

  2. Is there anything that Jim can't fix?

    They've been doing that lock thing on the Brooklyn Bridge lately and apparently it is a big problem. Not sure why it is, but doing it on a chain just for that purpose instead of the Bridge would be a good idea.

  3. I've heard of Lovelock but never knew about the lock on the chain tradition.

  4. Ha! It really is a dog's life, isn't it? So cute.

  5. $30 for a space seems about average. Don't even think about California. Everything costs way more.

  6. Yep, those poor dogs have it so rough, about as rough as Ms. Emmi!

  7. I love looking at old architecture. Sometimes I think there was a lot of love put into those buildings. Some of the buildings now a days are so gaudy looking. Too much bling.

    The kids looks like they are enjoying the good life.

  8. Sounds like a nice place to check out, love the old buildings too.

  9. The cold has to be better than all the rain we are getting. Safe travels.

  10. Love the puppy photos! I can so relate!
    The courthouse is a beauty...much like the old courthouses in the south as you drive thru the small, old towns on back roads!

  11. What an interesting place and lock your love on a chain in the plaza. The girls look adorable as usual :-)

  12. do not like the trains shaking Homer … not good … sounds like a Roger Miller song…

    What a sweet thing! locking one's love on a never ending chain… HAH! great to see the girls in fine fettle!

  13. Your dogs are like ours they run the house and we just live there..

  14. Oh, wow, that bed looks comfy! I don't blame the girls! They are so cute--funny how home to pups are where "you" are. Boy, Jim really is handy--seems like he can fix anything.

    I stayed in the most nondescript campground somewhere in the desert of Nevada and I remember being surprised that they could charge anything for it. I need to go back in my blog to see where it was. I do remember something about wind on a pass.

    Interesting about the locks on a chain. I had never heard that before. I'm enjoying your trip through Nevada.

  15. The Cowpoke Cafe looks like my kind of place (like where we met in MT) and they got good ratings from the online folks who do that.

  16. Lovelock - we must have been there! <3

  17. The girls are beautiful and SO photogenic!

  18. I relate to that last picture; I bought new sheets and they are so comfortable I have a hard time getting out of bed.

  19. Sandie did you add to your Verizon Jet pack or did you get Millicom wifi? I need to do something as my contract is up on the 20th. We only have 5 gigabytes and we can use it up quickly.

  20. Love those girls! Send me some of that cool weather! It was nice up in Yosemite but for the next few days it will be over 100 with 104 on Monday here in Coarsegold! Thank goodness the AC works great now. Not liking weather this hot! I'll just sit back and enjoy my cold cherries!

  21. We just came from California, our view of expensive campgrounds has changed. The girls look happy.

  22. Ahhhhh Sidney !!


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