Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smoke and a Fish Dinner

Helena, MT  High 90  Low 55

A little more explanation about my sister. I am really glad I was here to go with her but if I hadn’t been, her hubby would have taken her. The problem is, he hurt his back and can hardly move. So he’s on all kinds of pain pills and has trouble getting in and out of the car. However, he did take her to the doctor today and he said he’s starting to finally feel a little better. This getting old is certainly the pits.

Our problem now is the smoke from that big fire in Idaho. Our whole valley smells like a campfire and you can’t see the mountains across the valley from our site because of the smoke. This is not a good thing for either Jim’s or my sister’s lungs. Definitely makes it harder for Jim to breath.

About a week ago when Jim was fishing, he lost his glasses. Not a good thing. They are prescription trifocals. He didn’t realize it until he got home and went to change from his sunglasses to his regular glasses. They were in a case that he had put in his shirt pocket. He tore the boat and truck apart looking for them. Nothing. We went back out to the lake and he and I walked everywhere around the boat ramp and where he parked and anywhere that they could possibly be. No luck. Thank goodness he has his old pair as a back up. We also have an eye appointment for him the first week of September.

glassesWhen he came back into the dock after fishing last Monday, he walked up to get the truck and trailer and there on a rock were his glasses. Have no idea where they have been but Jim is sure they weren’t there when he got there Monday morning and I know they weren’t on that rock when we were looking for them. Wonderful.

The girls are doing great.


Scooter has dug herself a hole under the pile of wood. Originally she couldn’t even get her head under there. Jim had moved the wood around trying to find out what she wanted under there but couldn’t find anything. Then the day I took this picture I saw a baby bunny come out the back side. That put an immediate stop to her digging. We put their fence around it to keep her out.


Jim got this picture with his camera. The Osprey is on top of our electrical pole with his dinner. Later, Skittlez found the tail of the fish which was the only leftover.


I took this picture last week. I love cloud pictures and I thought this one was very unique.



  1. I'm guessing someone found the glasses and put them where they might be found by the rightful owner.

  2. glad Jim found his glasses! a good Samaritan more than likely put them where they could be found!!!
    We watched the news last night and they had a story covering the fire in Idaho!

  3. good karma, Sandie... isn't that something. I was wondering about the fires and how they might be affecting you. I don't have respiratory problems but even campfires that blow in my direction make my eyes and nose and well, allergies go crazy.

  4. Terry has lost his prescription sunglasses too. He has another appointment next week to get them replaced. That's not a good thing.

  5. Wonderful news about the glasses. Someone was very honest.

    We watch that fire on the news. It is just terrible. Praying no one is hurt.

  6. So glad that Jim found his glassses. I hope that smoke starts to clear up for you, so that you can see some beautiful views again.


  7. Wonderful when lost things dome home, isn't it? Will you move if the smoke gets too bad?

  8. I think the angel of lost eyeglasses put his glasses on the rock. That smoke isn't healthy for anyone. Time to stay inside and run the air purifier.

  9. That is a weird cloud!! Love those doggies!!!

  10. We just saw the fires from Idaho on the news. We drove thru there over a week ago and saw the smoke and flames along the interstate just after we passed by Helena. I am always so sad the hear about the fires. And sorry it's causing breathing issues.

    I love the clouds...laid on my back as a youngster and found "pictures" in the sky. I always had my Kindergartne class do the same...kids miss so much these days!

  11. You know I think you might be getting the smoke from the Lolo Creek fires near us here in Missoula. Most of the smoke seems to just skim us to the south and I think that would hit you. Check out this site - http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3683/
    And zoom out on the map.

  12. Oh, stop with the glasses stories. I am so afraid I will lose mine. We don't have medical to cover them now. Sometimes my drug store glasses work just as good.

  13. I am not looking forward to home with the heat and smoke--UGH! Glad Jim found his glasses!

  14. The smoke sure is not good, hopefully it will be gone soon.
    Great that Jim finally found his glasses, somebody must have set them up there.

  15. As always, we enjoyed your post and photos. Always love the dog pictures. Stay safe and out of the way of the fires!

  16. Sounds like your sis and BIL are having more than their share of issues to contend with. I'm not looking forward to a smoky night but don't know that I have an option I can live with.

  17. Glad your sister's feeling better, and glad some nice person found Jim's glasses and left them there for him. We were going to head to Missoula, but it's too smoky, so staying in Thompson Falls for now. What a nice town!

  18. Somebody must have asked for St. Anthony's help, the patron saint of lost things.


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