Sunday, February 5, 2012


Now that Quartzsite and Jim aren’t exciting to write about any more it’s time to go back and catch up on the other things we’ve been doing in Apache Junction.

IMG_4025 After our adventures of dropping the fifth wheel onto the bed of the truck, we received a comment from Palms Americana about the Bed Saver from ETrailer. We are now the proud owners of this bed saver and it certainly has relieved a lot of my stress. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

IMG_4013 Before we went to Quartzsite for the second time we bought a shed. The guy parked behind us and his wife were having major medical problems and were selling their fifth wheel and heading back north to their doctors. He had just bought the shed from another person here in the park and he also bought paving stones (tiles? or whatever they are called). We had talked about getting a shed so Jim could collect more stuff and we would just leave our Christmas stuff behind.

IMG_4018 This worked out perfectly. There are a couple of guys here in the park that have figured out how to move these sheds and made their own special lever to use on them. Quite the set up.

IMG_4019 They insert two hand trucks under the shed with the handles underneath it. Then they have wedges and clamps to hold the wheels in place.

Then they swing it around, move it to our site and level it out. Really slick process.



Cam helped (or I should say did) all the stones for us and showed us how to work sand down in between them to make them set up.


And wallah – we have a shed which I’m sure Jim will have filled as soon as his back has healed.


I’ve decided the guys in the park get bored and love it when somebody has a project they can all pitch in and help with. Guess it keeps them out of the bars. LOL


  1. It doesn't seem like they'd have to do a whole lot of leveling there. :)

  2. What a great crew and very creative. If your shed is anything like ours, it will be so full that you won't be able to move in it. Nice to have the extra space!

  3. Looking good and it sure is nice to have all that help!!

  4. Getting awful settled there Missy!

  5. Wow, that's really nice! You guys have a great set-up there. :)

    How's Jim doing?

  6. The shed and brickwork look very nice. Hope Jim doesn't overdo hauling stuff into the shed!!

  7. butterbean carpenterFebruary 5, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Howdy Sandie & Jim, & girls,

    Jim, we're surely glad that is over and it seems as though everything s agonna work okay.. I've got the same thing, so, I'm watching really close & if you so much as whimper they can forget it on me. That place looks like a Hilton hotel and the nurses sure beat the 'foreign' ones at the
    VA; I'll bet your doctors speak English without accents, too.. Try to be a good boy and not RUSH IT, but do what they tell you.. You'll be 'filling' your new shed before you know it..
    Sandie, we're still praying for you & your family, and that Sherry's body is found quickly..

  8. Sandie,
    It was so great to meet you and Jim last week! We sure enjoyed our time with you, and hope we get to meet up again!
    I'm so glad that Jim is doing so well; please tell him HI for us!

    We will be heading out somewhere around the 13th - if we don't catch up with you before then, you know where to find us this summer! LOL!
    Take care!

  9. Good looking shed and its nice you have so many helpers at you park. Jim has something to look forward to now when his back gets healed up. Hope he has a swift recovery.

  10. Looks like you had lots of help. It looks good. Lots of stuff will fit in there:)

  11. Cool beans! Really slick how they do that too.

  12. Wow! You guys sure have been busy. Everything looks great - nice work.

  13. Good to read that Jim is up and going again!

  14. Nice shed! Still want the updates tho! I'm interested 'cause I have a candidate for a back "fix" right here! Not decided where to go or what to do.... :{


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