Saturday, July 11, 2020

Bitter Sweet

Canyon Ferry, MT   High  81  Low 55

Whenever the weather cooperates Jim is out on the lake fishing. Well, except on week-ends when the locals take over. One day he caught a small walleye and this nice rainbow trout. We don't keep trout so he got to live another day.

Yesterday he had a great day of catching. These walleyes are now filleted and in my freezer.

This has been a lot of fun for Jim but it's also very lonely. He is really missing his fishing buddy, Rocky Joe.  Rocky's favorite place to be was wherever Jim was but he especially liked going on the boat.

Skittlez hates anything that moves so she won't be going out on the boat. She and I are happy at home.

My sister (Judy) had a birthday and we celebrated with her and her hubby. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday lunch and she chose Panda Express. That works for us. Jim and I used their drive thru (dine in is not open) and took everything up to their house. We sat outside to social distance and enjoyed our food. Judy made a salted nut roll desert and it was wonderful. I need that recipe.

Skitz loves going to Judy and Don's house because we turn her loose in the grass. Since she can't see she doesn't wander too far. In fact, I put some of her food down for her and she could have cared less. She just wanted her freedom. This from a dog who is totally food motivated.

Had a wonderful visit on the phone with a special classmate. Thanks for letting me ramble on and on Maggie.

These are the views from our campsite.

This is our view leaving the campground.

The view as we turn towards the campground and the lake.

Our campsite.

We have had storms go through almost every afternoon since we've been here but they haven't been severe. Mostly a whole lot of wind. These next two pictures are sunrises on two different mornings. Love the different colors of nature.


  1. When you fist posted that you had arrived and Jim was starting to fish my first thoughts were of Rocky. I knew it it would bring back so many memories for Jim. Great photos of Rocky on the boat. Sounds like you planned the perfect birthday lunch for your sister.

  2. Nice sunsets! You two have found a great place for the summer.

  3. It looks like the same site you were in when we visited you.

  4. I hope there's fishing in heaven. Otherwise, Jim might refuse to go there when the time comes. :)

  5. Nice fish catching going on. Sweet pictures of Rocky Joe with Jim great memories.

  6. Losing a pet makes so much difference in a lifestyle. I know it must be hard on Jim. My sister was just telling me that her husband would not notice if all the family disappeared as long as his dog was there.

  7. I'm sure that Jim misses his fishing buddy.
    Glad you were able to visit for your sister's birthday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. oooo, that sky was wonderful...
    love your camp!!


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