Sunday, June 10, 2018

Continuing Down Route 66

Leaving Peach Springs, we continued along Route 66 towards Kingman, AZ.

At one time the Frontier Motel and Cafe in Truxton, AZ was a busy stop on Route 66. Today there isn’t much left except the old classic neon sign which is in pretty sad shape.


We also stopped at the Hackberry General Store.


Getting Jim and the pups to all look at the camera and stay still long enough to take a picture is a real feat.



Leaving Route 66 with good memories, we are on our way to Las Vegas.

We are in Las Vegas and it’s 100 degrees. We haven’t been doing much – at least I haven’t. Jim has had to fix our steps which broke and our water pump which decided not to pump. Hopefully that’s the end of our issues. Now to have a little bit of fun before we leave.


  1. Looks like you had a great trip, enjoy...

  2. I believe I'd be headed for the high country to escape those 100's

  3. This 100 degree weather - I'll sure be happy to have it in my rear view mirror! It really does slow us down, doesn't it? Great picture of Jim and the Pups!

  4. Still hot, ugh! North, lady, head north. :)

  5. Don't be surprised if I ask you later more about this trip. Sounds like a great one.


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