Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dodging G-Men and Aliens along the ET Highway

Hawthorne, NV  High 79  Low 52

We left Las Vegas on Monday and spent the night in Alamo, NV. Not much there we are in the middle of no-where Nevada and there was an RV park.

Tuesday we headed to the land of Aliens and Area 51.

First stop was at the beginning of the Extra Terrestrial Highway.


P1080274Yes, Jan, I’ve been driving. Haven’t tried to pull into a gas station or park it in a site yet, but that will happen eventually.



We kept a sharp lookout for any UFO’s or alien abductors, but we succeeded in making it to the black mail box without any problems.

mailboxThe Black Mailbox (which is now painted white) is known as a meeting place for those who are looking for UFO’s. The box’s owner is a rancher by the name of Steve Medlin who does not believe that aliens are landing to pick up their mail.

Steve added the smaller mailbox, marked Alien, after he got tired of receiving letters directed to visitors from outer space. It is constructed out of thick, bulletproof metal and locked with massive padlocks because alien hunting fanatics began stealing his mail and firing guns at the box.

If you continue down the road towards Groom Lake you will soon see signs that warn you to KEEP OUT! We didn’t venture down the dirt road so this picture is from the internet showing the sign and if you look on the hill you will see the G-men guarding the borders of Area 51. From what I learned, for a first offense at trespassing you get a $600 fine and escorted by armed guards off the property.

restricted area

We continued on our search for aliens and it wasn’t long before we found the Alien Research Center.



Not much happening in the research area so we continued on. There is very little traffic on this highway. Just goes on for many miles with some pretty scenery.



Next stop – Rachel, NV and the Little A'Le'Inn. Rachel is the only “town” along the ET Highway. And the only thing in the town is the A’Le”Inn.


P1080320We arrived long before lunch time so we didn’t try one of their Alien Burgers that are supposed to be very good.



Dollar bills cover the ceiling behind the bar.


Lots of alien stuff. The alien in red looks rather scary.


Continuing our journey, the wind started to howl. I turned the wheel back over to Jim.

No more encounters with aliens or G-men but we did have a few cows we had to slow down for. The highway is open range and cows wander all over the road. This would not be a good road to drive in the dark.

Wonder what happened to the little green man that was in this UFO that crashed.


We had planned to stay at the casino in Tonopah but the RV spots have all been taken by long term residents with big propane tanks. We aren’t boondocking because we did not bring our big generator and it is way too hot to not have air conditioning.

Even with the wind howling around us we pressed on for another 104 miles to Hawthorne, NV which is where we are currently parked at Whiskey Flats RV Park. Jim was very impressed with how well the Hensley Hitch controlled any sway from the wind.


  1. I hear those aliens are pretty tourist shy!

  2. I thought you must be in NM.... maybe that's where all the green men with big heads and huge eyes are?

  3. Looks like a lot of silly fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Glad you didn't head down that gravel road to Area 51, terrible way to end your blogging days.

  5. You guys are in Geocacher heaven with thousands of caches all around you. There is one group of caches that show up as an outline of an Eagle with it's wings spread a few mile ahead of you. Of course it took 600 geocaches to make the outline it looks like it is spread over a 5X6 mile area that you have to walk in order to find the caches.

    I wish we had time (and energy) to find these caches.

    Have fun out there.

  6. So that's where Uncle Martin's flying saucer disappeared to! ;c)

  7. I expected to see you guys enjoying lunch with some local Aliens. Sounds like an interesting drive though.

  8. We stayed at Walker Lake. I hated it, Doug loved it. Barren place. The military installations at Hawthorne scared me to death but Doug found them fascinating.

  9. Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey... Sorry you didn't get to see any aliens or UFO's ---since I was hoping to see one!!!!!! ha....

    We've never been to that area --but would love to visit so many of the western areas in our country someday.

  10. Fun drive! What - you didn't see any aliens??

  11. We parked along the ET highway a couple of times so Ron could watch for suspicious lights.

  12. You can bet those G men watched you every step of your way until you were out of Their Area!!

  13. What an interesting drive!! I have never been on the ET highway but you can bet it is now on our "to see" list. Those G men would have scared me a bit!!! Thanks for the tour!!

  14. ET highway and Roswell are on our list.

  15. Hmmm ... Sandie, so you been drinkin' if you're looking for aliens? Well, I know the answer to that one but being on another planet with all the green men could certainly be interesting.

  16. Those are great roads for getting experience behind the wheel. We went to a special exhibit in Vegas once on Area 51. There's so much the public will never hear.

  17. I'll have to get way more comfortable with our rigs reliability before I venture into such a desolate area, but glad you did and provided photos.

  18. I'm glad you are enjoying your long drive even if that one day did get longer than intended.

  19. What a hoot to drive the Alien Highway. Paul hasn't asked me if I want to drive the truck with the 5th wheel yet. I know it is coming though. I think it will be easier than driving the motorhome. I hated that.

  20. Sure wish that you would have found some aliens. I really do enjoy driving the motorhome. Makes time go so much faster.

  21. Looks like you are having a great time! I was just in Benton, Ca/Mono Lake a few weeks ago. a beautiful area..

  22. I am SOOOOO behind in my Blog reading....sorry. You have a gazillion posts for me to catch up on now.

    You know I'm THRILLED to see you behind the wheel. Do as much of it as you can and definitely start doing that awful backing up stuff.

    I agree - that alien in the red t-shirt looks pretty scary !! LOL


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