Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii is Navajo for “valley of the rocks”.


DSCN1111 It was really cloudy and we knew the probability of rain was high, but we decided to go ahead and drive over to the Valley. And it did rain on us several different times during the trek. So some of my pictures are taken in the gray and rain and a couple of them were taken in the brief moments of sunlight we had.

IMG_1448 Also, I did not research this enough. I had no idea it was a 17 mile drive on an unmaintained dirt, rocky road. Lots of people were taking their cars and there were several rental RV’s that were making the drive but I was sure glad we had the four wheel drive for it’s high clearance.

IMG_1484 The sandstone structures in the Valley are amazing and I would think in the sunlight it would even be more incredible. But nature has many moods and it was neat to be able to view it in a different light.








We only look 88 pictures in Monument Valley but it’s still really hard to pick out just a few that we like. Going to have the same problem with Arches National Park.  But I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite cloud pictures.



  1. I wrote a comment this morning about how glad I was that you took the jeep tour...but my computer went bonkers and it didn't post it. I also wrote that I hoped you would get to see Monument Valley - and you did! You are sure getting to see some wonderful places. Makes me want to head west again.

  2. another day filled with great views!..thanks for taking us along!!

  3. I have been waiting for these pictures! I LOVE them. You are working overtime to get us up to speed on your travels. Paul and I are loving it.

    Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. You two act like you are still newly weds! Keep enjoying the your honeymoon.


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