Sunday, October 30, 2016

Settling In–Well Sort Of

AJ, AZ – It’s been hot. 100 a couple of days ago and setting all kinds of new records.

I had thought by now that we would be settled enough that I could catch up on blog reading because I am so far behind. But somehow we are busier than ever and my internet connection is so slow. I really think I need a new Wi-Fi.

happyWe went to visit Aunt Happy who is still amazing. She turned 103 last August. She had a great summer with no health issues except for a little arthritis in her hands. We talked about the election (she’s as fed up as we are with both candidates) and the fact that she had already voted. She is also very worried about the impact of the election on the stock market and what it will do to her money situation. Like she says, she never expected to live this long. She also had a pair of earrings that had broken. These are very inexpensive earrings which happen to be one of her favorite. Other people told her she should just throw them away, but she told them that Jim could fix them. If Jim couldn’t fix them and told her to throw them away, then she would. Well, Jim could fix them which made her so very happy. It was a wonderful visit.

Skittlez is glad to be home again.


We’ve been spending a lot of time being welcomed back to the park. Jim and I were talking about how much more of a community we live in here in AJ than we did in Billings when we were working. For us, this is a comfortable feeling. We can be as involved as we want to be and still know that if we need any help, there are always folks around.

Another first for us. We now have DirecTV. We have never had satellite TV before and we almost didn’t get it this time. Jim loves NASCAR and a lot of the races are not available on antenna TV. I finally decided we’d bite the bullet and get him NASCAR and a few channels for me.

But it sure didn’t happen without lots of problems. The salesman who took Jim’s order didn’t get it right at all. We wanted two receivers and two dishes so we can have satellite TV in the Bungalow also. The installer showed up on Thursday with only one set up. We thought he could at least do that one and then come back to do the Bungalow, but if he did that, they would charge us an installation fee for the Bungalow. The installer called back in to reschedule for us and told whoever what we wanted. Scheduled for Friday morning.

Friday morning two different guys show up. Took one look and told Jim that they cant install DirecTV in an RV. WHAT!!! Jim took them across the street and showed them two different fifth wheels with DirecTV. He didn’t want them touching our rig and sent them on their way. (These installers are independent contractors and don’t work for DirecTV or AT&T which now owns DirecTV.) Another call to DirecTV. After being transferred four times to different people (including being told to call Wyngard for who knows what reason), he hung up and called back. This time he asked to speak to a manager.


After a long discussion, they said they finally agreed that they would send out a senior technician Friday afternoon. This guy actually works for AT&T. And he knew what he was doing. Yahoo! After several hours we now have satellite TV. The challenge now is learning how to use the remote.

Mom, get rid of that flash please.


I want to express my sadness that our dear friend Joe passed away. Our love goes out to his wife Betty at this very sad time. We also have many loved ones fighting Cancer. Retired Rod is still undergoing chemo. Denise (Sassy) is recovering from her brain surgery. Paula (Shadowmoss) is starting her battle with breast Cancer. Our beloved niece, Patti, is going through Chemo for lung Cancer. We ask for prayers for all of them and for everyone else who is fighting the brave fight.


  1. I can't imagine us without the Western Channel (538).

  2. My goodness, that's a lot of people with cancer. My Dad has terminal lung cancer. Could be any time now.

    We should get satellite tv as well.

  3. These days you either can't get an American on the line or they send out these independent contractors who don't know crap.

    So many needing prayers these days. But we keep praying hoping some one will get better or wouldn't it be great for all to get well.

  4. Denise--brain surgery?! I missed a memo somewhere! I thought she just had the pulmonary stuff still going on.

  5. I should dig out all my broken earrings and make a trip to Arizona!

    My experience with all the cable & other TV providers is that most techs sent out don't know what they are doing. Some techs are top notch. You just don't know which type you will get, but steer clear of anyone who says something "can't be done" and get a 2nd opinion. I think this applies to everything in life!

  6. Still seems very strange to me to be in that list. I know that I have it good, especially compared to the others in the list. Prayers gratefully received, however.

  7. Glad you are settled. I know how you feel about your neighbors. That's how we felt in yuma. Have a good winter.mary

  8. Aunt Happy looks amazing. Better than some people in their 60's.
    Skittlez wears Walmart
    We love our DirecTV. When we had our motorhome, we ran into the same issue you two did. No one knew how to install one on a motorhome. Finally Paul raised a lot of he--, and they found someone. We now have a portable satellite dish and love it. It takes us about 5 minutes to get it set up.

  9. Great that you guys feel so comfortable in AJ with many friends. That's what's it's all about, right? Aunt Happy is just amazing, who would ever guess from looking at this photo that she's 103? Just amazing.

    I'll add my prayers also - I really believe they help people get through the tough times.

  10. Aunt Happy looks really good! Glad Jim could fix her earrings. When we had the 5th wheel, the installer guy came out and promptly disabled our cable and over the air antenna, when he hooked up the satellite antenna. We made him put it all back, it took several trips to get it right. Aren't you sick of the heat? I'll be happy when it breaks.

  11. We had issues with DirecTV too but when we talked with a 3rd party who installed on RVs before.

  12. Oops ... sorry we didn't talk more about this when we were together in Montana. We could have probably helped you eliminate any installation charge. No sense in paying it at all in an RV.

  13. We have had our Satellite tv since it first came out you will love it. Aunt Happy does look amazing. Glad that are settled back in AJ and comfortable again,

  14. Although we and many RVers we know have a dish, I think they all either installed it themselves or had camping world do it. I'm surprised you found anybody who would do it. Yes, it's been hot. We're back too, but I leave for my father's on Wednesday.

  15. I think many of us feel that neighbourhood and community feel is getting batter as we retire. Seems like busy work schedules keep people away from visiting with neighbours,

  16. I've gone round and round a few times with DirecTV but in the end, it's worth the trouble. We have it on our RV and now at our new house.

  17. Great to hear Aunt Happy is doing so well. Healing thoughts go out to your loved ones who aren't so fortunate. I don't know Betty, but my heart goes out to her. I wish I had known Jim was a NASCAR fan. My eldest son, John, has a virtual museum with all his memorabilia collected over the years--they could have met!

  18. We have an Aunt Jeanette who is 101..I swear she will outlive us! Glad you got your TV hooked up..We have Direct TV when we travel and Dennis sets up our portable dish..Couldn't be without it..Dennis is a NASCAR fan too..Little "E"...

  19. G'day Skittlez .... it's me Charlie!!! Sorry I haven't been around FOREVER!! Mum's eyes are crook so we've had a biiiiiiiiig break from blogging and we are still not going to be around much. We will try and do a bit and keep up with things a bit but nowhere near as much as we used to. We are all well and happy though so all is good. How good does Aunt Happy look?? I'm so glad Jim could fix her earrings. It's really important to older people to keep their precious possessions even when other people think it's junk. It's not junk to them, aye?? I'm sorry your missing Scooter, Skittlez. It's tough when you loose a best friend, aye?? Take care, mate. I've so missed you!!!!!

    1. Oh my!!! Sorry for the bad grammar. I'm sorry YOU'RE missing Scooter and it's tough when you LOSE a best friend ..... Crikey Mum IS getting old, aye??

  20. Prayers for all. Have fun with the cable. My year of cable is over next month. Darn. But Yeah for the money I'll be saving.

  21. I wish I had known Jim was a NASCAR fan. My eldest son, John, has a virtual museum with all his memorabilia collected over the years--they could have met!

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