Sunday, June 12, 2016

Updates and Some Good Friends

Billings, MT  High  93  Low 61

We are having record heat here in Montana. Normal this time of year is in the 70’s and we are having temps in the 90’s. Kind of like most of the rest of the country. And with all the heat comes the afternoon and evening storms. Eastern Montana has been hit really hard this year with hail and wind damage. And yesterday, a tornado touched down in Baker, MT (which is on the eastern border) and destroyed several homes. Be safe out there.

A couple of updates:

Retired Rod – we haven’t heard much of anything on how he’s doing. I do know the family is waiting for the radiology report. Other than that I just don’t have any information to pass on to you. As soon as the family wants to share some news with me, I’ll do an update post for him.

Scooter – our mighty hunter is hanging in there. She had another seizure last night and the cough from her congestive heart failure is worse. But her good days still far outnumber the bad days so we are treasuring every minute we have with her.


The house – don’t even ask. Our biggest issue has been finding somebody to do the dry wall for us. Our contractor has not been able to find anyone because the competent ones are all so busy with other jobs. So we have been trying to find someone on our own. I think we have somebody to do the job and we’ll find out for sure the first part of this week. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

We did get the new floor put down in the kitchen and laundry room which is definitely progress.


I took a break and met up with some of my high school classmates. That was a lot of fun. I actually remembered to take a couple of pictures but the one I took of Karen was horrible so Karen – I am not posting it. We will have more get-togethers this summer and I am looking forward to those.



Nancy and Renee


Saturday morning Jim and I decided to go to the Strawberry Festival in downtown Billings. We were really looking forward to trying out a bunch of strawberry foods. They block off several streets near Skypoint (an art sculpture).


We found a good parking spot and as Jim stepped up onto the sidewalk, he caught his foot on a brick and fell down hard. Scared me because I thought he might have broken something. But he got right up and only had one spot on his arm that was bleeding. He was ready to go. However, today he is extremely sore and not moving very fast.

jimThe Strawberry Festival was a waste of time (IMO). Not a strawberry to be found. The Lion’s club was offering a pancake and sausage breakfast and the strawberry syrup was as close as we got to strawberry anything.

Lots of vendors selling clothes, jewelry, art, crafts and other things. I am not a shopper and I certainly don’t want to buy anything. We don’t have room for anything. All in all – very disappointing for us. Other folks really seemed to be enjoying the shopping experience.


One fun thing happened at the festival. We were wandering around trying to find strawberries when we passed a booth with beautiful hair clips. Our wonderful friend Dana was manning the booth with one of her sons. Dana and Vaughn are full timers and travel with their 9 children in a toy hauler that Vaughn has modified to fit their needs. It made our whole trip downtown worthwhile to catch up with her. We hope to see them again this summer.


  1. I saw a float yesterday advertising A strawberry festival. I'm not sure where it was from though. Too bad about the fall. Ouch. Glad to hear the house is coming along. That's a huge project for both of you. I'll be glad to hear the news that you are finished and it is sold. Hoping the best for Scooter ....

  2. This heat is unreal, 95F here today. Your festival experience is the same as mine - lot's of everything but the festival theme - I've quit going to them.

  3. The floor is beautiful. I'm trying to remember what you had in there before the new look.

  4. Wow. Traveling with 9 children. That is something.

  5. Fulltiming with 9 children is really one for the record books. Good for them!

    I hope Jim is okay - I'm starting to fear falling when I never did previously. It doesn't take much, and can do so much damage. Take care of yourselves.

  6. How can you have a Strawberry Festival without strawberries? Geez. I'm glad Jim's okay after his fall. Falls are really scary at our age, he must have good, strong bones.

    Good luck with the house repairs. Not fun, but whatever you do might increase your sales price and pay for themselves in the end. Hopefully.

    You are a really good friend, not posting a bad photo. I hate it when people do that to me! :)

  7. I guess it is hot everywhere. Maybe time for an Artic cruise?

  8. How can they call it a Strawberry Festival when there aren't any strawberries? Crazy.

    Glad Scooter has lots more good days than bad.

    Your floor looks lovely!

    I can't image how anyone can modify a RV to fit the needs of two adults and 9 kids. WOW.

  9. How fun was it that you got to meet up with some of the Tichnor Tribe. WE just love them to pieces.

  10. Wishing the best for little Scooter. And good luck with the house. We've been pretty lucky with the weather so far. Hope your heat wave breaks soon.

  11. Wishing the best for little Scooter. And good luck with the house. We've been pretty lucky with the weather so far. Hope your heat wave breaks soon.

  12. Nice floor in the house and good luck with finding a good drywall installer.I have done a few houses myself in the past but heavier work than I care to do now.
    Strawberry festival with no strawberries? hmph...
    Glad that Jim did not do major damage with his fall.
    Always nice to run into friends along the way too.
    We were 95f yesterday and 45f today very confusing weather for sure.

  13. 9 kids in a toy hauler....fulltime. Good subject for your next post. Hang in there Scooter, sorry about your fall Jim.....

    Hugs, Contessa

  14. It was on our news that there was a tornado in Montana. We have friends in Christina, but they are always going to Billings for a grandsons ball game and Costco. that little Scooter is a trooper. I miss being able to follow Rod, suppose he has better things to do now, like get well. I
    I meet with high school group once a month, it is fun!! You both take care

  15. Sorry to hear about Scooter poor little guy. And hope Jim will be OK. Seems these Fiestivals are never about what they claim them to be anymore. Just vendors selling way to much jewelery and t-shirts.

  16. A strawberry festival without strawberries????? Mum hates that!! She would have expected strawberries too. I'm glad Jim didn't break anything but sorry he's a bit stiff and sore now. That'll get better quicker than a broken bone though, aye??
    Hang in there Scooter and keep having good days. I'm sending you heaps of POTP from downunder

  17. A Strawberry festival with no strawberries? What were they thinking (or ot thinking)? ;c)

  18. Come to Campobello and enjoy FOGFEST and I can guarantee you experience FOG.

  19. Hoping Scooter improves and Jim feels better too. I took a header off the wing of the plane this past weekend, nothing hurt but my pride. ;)

    Not even strawberry shortcake???? Anymore these 'festivals' are all about the flea market sales.


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