Thursday, September 4, 2014

Headed East

Wall, SD  High 71  Low 46

We finally got out of Billings about 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday. We had to stop and get fuel and dump on our way out of town. Our destination was Broadus, MT, 165 miles southeast.

Jim has a good friend who lives in Broadus. Used to work with Phil at the Chevy Dealership in Billings. Phil was in a terrible auto wreck about five years ago. Rolled his car several times, got thrown out of the car, and spent many months in the hospital. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt which made things much worse. When they picked us up to go to dinner, both Jim and I noticed that neither Phil nor Heather wear seat belts. I just cannot believe that they would continue to risk their lives.

They have nine children – five are his, two are hers and two are theirs. There were 11 of us at the restaurant for dinner and it was really loud with lots of laughter and everybody talking all at once. Quite a change for Jim and I and our quiet dinners.

They took us back to our rig and we went to bed shortly after we got home. It had been a really really long day.

Left Broadus about 9:00 with our next destination in Wall, about 205 miles. We got about 30 miles down the road and the change fuel filter light came on. I found a Chevy dealership in Spearfish, SD and they could get us in at 1:30. We got parked on a side street at 11:15 and unhitched. It was hot - in the 90’s, so Jim pulled out the awning and opened all the windows.

At 2:15 Jim walked over to check on the truck and they were just finishing up. He filled up the truck and we hitched up and finally got back on the road at 3:00.

Spent the night at Sleepy Hollow Campground in Wall, SD. The place was packed. Good thing I called ahead to make a reservation. Felt really good to plug in and turn that air conditioner on.

Then the WIND hit. About 10:30 last night. And it’s still blowing. Gusts at 52 mph. Wind advisory until 3:00 this afternoon. We are going to spend another night here at the Sleepy Hollow. At least it cooled down.

Most of the other RVs in the campground took off this morning. Saw lots of travel travels without a good sway bar system, one of them was even a one axle camper with no sway bars being towed by a mini-van. Down right scary.


  1. As a teen, my daughter drove once without a seatbelt, and her head ended up going into the windshield! Cured her of that bad habit.

  2. Yeah, back in the day, about 33 years ago, I was hit and ended up breaking off the rear view mirror with my face. Two sprained ankles, too. I never go anywhere without my seat belt hooked up, and my passengers wear theirs, too, or they get out. If I'm with someone not wearing their seat belt, I get out. Usually that makes them hook up. The thing is, if there's a bad crash, the unseatbelted people can fly anywhere, maybe hitting and injuring me! I'm not willing to take that risk. I'm really surprised Jim's friend and his wife don't wear theirs. It's also the law. At least in California. Okay, climbing down off my soapbox. :)

  3. 11 kids....that is a football team. Lol I bet there was some noise.

    No way would we travel with those high winds. People are down-right nuts to do that.

  4. Hi Sandie. If you're going through Minneapolis and need a campground, Lebanon Hills Regional Park was a very nice surprise. FHU for $32, big, level sites.

  5. Be safe out there on the road... Hope you don't have anymore RV problems. Glad you got to visit your friends.. MY MY--what a large family... I cannot imagine!!!! ha


  6. When Bill asked me to marry him I said I wanted 3 things first. One was for him to get hearing aids, annual physicals and to always wear his seatbelt. He complied, and we're married.

  7. Glad you are on the move! We have been to Wall. Quite a place! Be safe!

  8. Not too much wind for us today as we made our way to Sioux Falls. Had a couple of sprinkles and some clouds that appeared to want to dump on us. Stay safe out there.

  9. I wonder if we'll get that wind in Iowa.

  10. I found a nice program that produces an interactive wind map of the US. It's handy to have when the wind picks up as you can see what is ahead of you.

    The weather here in PA has been warming up and we've actually have used our a/c a couple times. Down around DC it is warmer and typical summer weather.

    Stay safe out there and have fun.

  11. You ran into people who throw caution to the wind. I had a friend who refused to "let the government tell her she had to wear a seatbelt." Her daughter was expecting her first grandchild and I asked her whether she thought that it would be better to be belted in so that she could have more control in the event of a sudden event and whether she thought her grand baby would be more secure if belted in? Her answer was "No." I will never understand that point of view.

    I have seen so many unsafe rigs on the road that it makes my head spin. Could I use more room in my trailer? Sure. But it sure feels good having a big truck to pull my little trailer. :)

  12. We've seen more than we want to see in damage to vehicles who traveled in wind like that. Glad you're staying put. No sense in taking any chances if you don't have to.

  13. It's good to stay put when its windy, safer and less stress.

  14. With the temps from the midwest this way, I thought you might want to stay in MT for a couple more weeks. Be safe as you head East.

  15. It's scary the way some people (idiots) tow trailers. You'd think with the way the trailers sway back and forth they'd slow down, but nope! Their in a rush to get to the scene of their upcoming accident. :c(

    1. Duh! "They're in a rush..." (Double duh!!) :c)

  16. We just feel naked without our seatbelt.

  17. I can't believe people don't wear seat belts these days! it's an automatic 'do' or Homer will scream his head off…

    I have heard about the wind … who else had to pull over recently … CRS … hmm ~ you see where Steamboat Geyser blew his top Wednesday? I know you're not at Yellowstone but it's close to Billings and well … I have been behind in blog reading…

  18. In Australia it is compulsory 2 wear seat belts - big $ fine 4 non compliance - also fines 4 being on mobile phones - youngsters r learning the hard way...... $ fines plus loss of license


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