Sunday, April 3, 2011


IMG_0568 We belong to Chapter 45 which meets in Apache Junction on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month starting in November and ending in March. To end the season we had a picnic at Prospector’s Park here in AJ.

IMG_0569 What a great day. Had 67 people at the picnic. Lots of good food and visiting with old friends and new.




IMG_0570 We met a couple, Don and Faye, who are newbies and we are certainly looking forward to meeting up with them again at Escapade in Gillette this fall.









IMG_0576 They also held a bean bag softball game – guys against the gals. Talk about competitive. Not sure how many innings, but the guys finally won after my hubby and another guy both got home runs. I wanted to cheer for the women but I was also excited for Jim. I wasn’t playing so I could root for whomever I wanted.

A beautiful spring day with the temperature in the mid 80’s and a light breeze.


  1. what a beautiful day for a picnic!!..way to go, Jim..getting a home run!!

  2. Wasn't that the day before the heat wave hit? No one would have been as energetic a day later I'm sure. Looks like lots of fun though.

  3. Beanbag baseball with running the bases or beanbag baseball where you throw the beanbag through a frame. Good job either way Jim.

  4. Perfect picnic day...looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

  5. Looks like you had fun. Have a great time at the rest of the Rally too!

  6. Good food, good company, and good sports!! :)

  7. You get to cheer for whomever you want but you have to take the consequences if others question your choice. :)


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