Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer Fun in Arizona

  Apache Junction, AZ   Highs  104 to 112  Lows  in the 70s

Its been forever since I posted anything to the blog so I figured I'd let you know how exciting our lives are.

We discuss the weather quite frequently. It's actually been a pretty normal weather pattern this year. Our average at this time of year is 104/105 and we actually had one day that didn't get over 99. Most days are average. The mornings and evenings are beautiful.

We finally were able to meet up with Jan and Bill for lunch at American Way Market. It was sooo good to see them again. Seems like it has been forever. They sold their truck and fifth wheel and are planning a trip to Portugal and Spain later this summer.

We also went out for dinner with a few of those still left in the park. We went all out that night. We went to Costco for hot dogs and pizza. Actually it was a really fun time. 

Here's part of the group. Carol, Melva and George. 

I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of Greg and Tracey (our park managers).  So I "borrowed" their picture.

The other big topic of conversation is the Woodbury Fire. Huge fire in the Superstition Wilderness area. It has burned over 90,000 acres and is only 24% contained. It is burning in an extremely rocky area of the mountains and is almost impossible to fight on the ground. We've also had a few windy days which haven't helped. The winds are blowing the fire east and north of us towards Roosevelt Lake. They have evacuated the marina and people living near the lake. The road from Apache Junction to Tortilla Flat and up to Apache Lake is closed. The firefighters are working to save structures by starting back fires to get rid of any fuel near them and also installing sprinkler systems where they can. We can see the smoke pouring over the top of the Superstition Mountains. It is really sad. (Not a very good picture but it gives you some idea of the smoke.)

Jim spent a couple of nights in the hospital this week. They discovered that the artery in his left leg was blocked with plaque in two places. His blood was not flowing down his leg and when he tried to walk his leg would cramp on him. It was an outpatient procedure but when they checked his blood, they discovered that his kidney function couldn't handle the dye they use. So they kept him that night to flush out his kidneys. Did the rotor rooter on his leg on Wednesday afternoon and I was supposed to be able to take him home that night. This time his blood refused to thicken up so they could take the sheath out without him bleeding to death. So they kept him another night and I finally got to bring him home Thursday morning. 

Not sure if you can see this, but in the picture on the left you can see the white spots in the artery which are the plaque blockages. On the right is the artery after she cleaned all the plaque out. There was also a blockage higher up the leg that she fixed for him. Dr. Daliman also took a look at this right leg while she was in there and it is just fine. Thanks goodness for that.

He feels really great and after we see the doc next week, we will start doing an early morning walk. 

Rocky had his yearly eye checkup which he needs because he had cataract surgery. His doctor said his eyes are really looking good especially for his age.

 I loved the eye chart in their office.

That bring us up to date. Quiet and peaceful here in our world.