Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Blogging Coma

Our good friends used that comment, blogging coma, and it perfectly fits where I've been.  Can't believe it's been two months since I last posted. 

Almost everybody is back in the park and I didn't realize how noisy it is with everybody here. The summer is so quiet. But it's wonderful to see all of our friends return and the park get back into it's winter swing. 

Jim has been fishing a few times. No catching but that's just fine. At least he's out on the water and having a good time.  Other than that we really haven't been doing too much. Wendy went with Jim and Marv one day to take pictures. She is an amazing photographer.

We had thieves hit the park a month or so ago. We have an area where we park the Bungalow along with the other RV's that people use for traveling. Most of them were gone at the time but Tom's trailer got hit hard. He lost a propane tank and his batteries as well as most of the stuff in his bays including sewer and water hoses. We were much luckier. We have a good lock on our propane tanks and on our battery box. Trying to get to them is too much work for thieves who just want to get in and out. But they also broke into our bay and got our surge guard. They weren't interested in our hoses or maybe they got interrupted by something. Jim thinks something else is missing but until we need it, we're not sure what it is.

We went to Webby's house to celebrate Marv's birthday. They used to live in the park but bought a house just a few blocks away. I love  how they fixed up their front yard.

I have a really bad case of gout and can't walk. It's settled in my foot and I can't put any pressure on it without screaming in pain. I finally got to see the doctor on Wednesday.  Hopefully the pills help me. I spend most of my time sitting in the recliner with the foot elevated and not letting anything touch it.  

However, last Saturday I ventured out of my chair. We joined Jan and Bill at the Chandler Chuck Wagon Cookoff. It was so much fun to see them again. There were several groups doing the cooking and after checking out their menus (see picture), you pick the one and buy your ticket for your lunch. We chose E-Z Cattle Company. Chicken fried steak, mashed taters, gravy, beans and apple cobbler.

Lots of little cowgirls and cowboys around.

The cooking is all done authentically in dutch ovens and over campfires.

The food was okay but like Bill said, "after a hard day working on the ranch, you would really appreciate a meal like this." 

We had a good time but I was completely wiped out when we got home. My foot really hurt and I ended up going to bed at 7:30 that night. 

We saw this vehicle on our way home.


And no post is complete without pictures of the pups. They are doing good. Just old like us.

Skitz waits like a vulture for Rocky to finish eating so she can lick his plate clean for him. He really likes to curl up with her but she only puts up with it for a few minutes and then she switches beds.

We have several friends and family who are fighting cancer. It is such a horrible disease so if you would say a prayer for them, it would be very welcome.  Steve, Al, George, and Patti.


  1. I have committed to writing one post a month whether i need it or not. We'll see how that works. My son had gout for years. It is not a fun thing. He said the pain is unbelievable. Glad Jim has been able to fish!

  2. Too bad we can't sit in our recliners together.💛

  3. Sorry to hear about the gout Hope your meds kick in quick.
    The pups look good and so nice Jim is getting in some fishing.

    Yes so many are suffering from cancer and it is heart breaking.

  4. I hope Rocky wasn't too stressed with Jim gone. It was sooooooo good to see you.

  5. Glad to read that Jim is fishing! And so, so sorry to read you are suffering with gout--hope the medications help! Mike used to take Probenicid and it lowered his uric acid tremendously with no side effects and he is so incredibly prone to side effects from any medications!

  6. The Joys of aging are not always fun or comfortable. Glad Jim has been fishing and you got together with Bill and Jan. Hoping the medication helps your gout issues.
    Too many people have that terrible disease and it seems to be the most common cause of death in our area. We are keeping them and their caregivers in our prayers.
    Looking forward to your next Blog posting.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I hate thieves and there isn't much I hate... sorry they got your stuff.

  8. Argh. I am so sorry to read that you have gout. My MIL had it and it's so painful. Here's hoping the meds kick in very quickly.

  9. Love the Ghostbusters. I don't know much about Ghout except that it is painful. Hope those pills kick in.

  10. Hope you feeling better soon!

    Good to catch up on you and Jim. Fishing is great, catching is just a byproduct. Nothing beats dropping a line in the water and enjoying the quiet time.

  11. Luci lost 3# since June, so had to take her to vets and it was determined after a battery of tests that more than likely it is attributed to no longer 'cleaning up' after Carl was done eating!!!! So Skitz is right where she needs to be!!! (bet rocky is lots cleaner than Carl tho!!! He would let lots of food fall out of his mouth!)

  12. Blogging can be tough to keep going:) I think I might have quit years ago except for the prodding of my better half:))

  13. Hope you foot heals quickly, after all Dancing with the Stars is looking for you! :cD

  14. I have dual problems, blogging coma and blog reading coma. Glad to see the old fisherman is back at it, you know the worst day fishing is better ....

  15. How is your foot feeling lately? I hope you are doing better. I miss your blog, but then I'm posting less and less myself. It's different when you are on the road and visiting new places and meeting old friends as well as making new ones. Take care, and maybe post a line or two one of these days.

  16. I hope you're well now.:) I never had any words for cancer, it can be terrifying.

    Its nice to have stumbled across your blog!


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