Saturday, September 14, 2019

Middle of September - Already!!

My blogging mojo has left the building. Or the heat melted it into a puddle of nothingness. I've also taken a sort of break from social media. I took FB off my phone and only check into it occasionally on the computer. I'm not on any of the other social sites. I've been reading blogs but seldom comment. Maybe when the sun quits shining so brightly and warmly I'll get back in the groove again.

Loved this cloud formation at the end of our street.


Our monsoon season has been a bust. There have been a few storms around us but the only thing we've seen is wind and more wind. We had one storm at the beginning of the season that came through while we were at dinner and we missed it. We sure could use the rain. But the good news is the super heat seems to be gone. The forecast is showing temperatures below 110 and even only in the upper 90s on occasion. We actually have had a couple of nights that got down to 78. Love it. I told Jim today that I'm going to freeze to death this winter if it gets below 70. 

Jim is doing really great. Back to normal or whatever normal is for him. We both had some good news. Last May when we saw Jim's oncologist, he told us that Jim had a couple of nodules in his right lung that hadn't been there before. That is not good but the doctor thought that maybe they were caused by all the problems Jim had with his health. So he wanted to wait for three months and see if they grew or changed. When we went back for the three month follow up both nodules have disappeared. Great news. Don't need to go back for six months.
When I saw my kidney doctor three months ago my potassium levels were really really high. I had to go on a low potassium diet which meant that I had to give up all the foods that I loved. I can't have chocolate, peanut butter, whole grain bread, chocolate, nectarines (but peaches are okay), cantaloupe (but watermelon is okay), chocolate, ice cream, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apricots, potato chips, and on and on - oh and did I mention CHOCOLATE.!!! But I behaved myself and when I saw the doc this week, my kidneys are stable and my potassium level is back down to where it belongs. So I can now occasionally have some of those things on my do not eat list. 

Another beautiful sunrise


Jim celebrated his 80th birthday on September 8th. We had cake and ice cream at the club house for everybody who was around. It was a good time.

He got this tee shirt for his birthday.  It says - Personal Stalker - I will follow you wherever you go - bathroom included. And you can see two little heads at the bottom of the picture because they followed him down the hall so I could take the picture.

Paula (Shadowmoss) stopped in to see us the other day. She was really really bored and came down to the valley to go to Costco to get coffee. We're making plans for some sight seeing when she moves back down for the winter. 

People are starting to return. I figure by the middle of October things will really be in full swing here in the park. 

I saw two new critters this summer that I've never seen before. I had heard on the news about the Palo Verde Beetle and that it was their mating season. They are harmless but they are really ugly. They look like a giant cockroach. One morning I took Skittlez out about 5:00 a.m. and one of them is walking across our patio. I'm sure glad I had heard about them on the news or I would have woken the whole park with my screaming.

I also saw my first scorpion. It was actually in the women's bathroom at the clubhouse. Somebody said it was dead and then it moved. Nobody could believe how fast I could move.

 So that's about it from here in AJ. It's been a really good summer and it has given both Jim and I a chance to recover from the tough winter we had.