Saturday, August 3, 2019

Gail in Buckeye

Wasn't sure how to get hold of you so I'm hoping you will see this post.

Rocky had his cataract surgery done by Eye Care for Animals. They have three locations - Scottsdale, Gilbert and Phoenix. They are specialists for both eyes and teeth. And I think dermatology. They also did Rocky's surgery for the fistula in his mouth.

Hope this helps. He has done really good with the surgery. We have to give him eye drops every day and I get them at Costco.


  1. I am so happy Rocky had the surgery and I’ll be praying for great results!!! It’s sad when our little fur babies have trouble seeing and getting around!!! So glad there are places that specialize in this for animals!!!

  2. You are a good friend even when you aren't sure how to reach your friend. That does not surprise me.

  3. Glad all for you and the dogs is starting to settle in at your home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your growing community.

    It's about time.

  4. I really hope that this surgery will make a huge difference in Rocky's life. Please keep us posted.

  5. Poor old Rocky. Didn't know they did cataract surgery on dogs although I knew they could get them. He may have a new lease on life if his eyes improve as much as mine.

  6. Hi I am Gail from Buckeye AZ. Thank you so much for the information. My little Yorkie Teddy may need this surgery soon and I am so happy to have this information! Thank you for the reply!


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