Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Seafood in Arizona

AJ, AZ -  High 76  Low 54 

This has really been a strange month weatherwise. Not that I'm complaining because it has been a fantastic Spring.  We've had a couple of storms go through but most of the days have been perfect temperatures in the 70s or low 80s and cool evenings. Who knows what the summer is going to bring.

On May 17 we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful day. We went to the movies to see A Dog's Journey. A really good family movie even though I cried. 

We also went out to dinner to celebrate.  We decided to try Seafood Restaurant and Market. Reviews were mixed but I really wanted crab cakes.

My crab cakes were really good. I even had one to bring home.

Jim ordered the Maine lobster tails and said they were excellent.  He didn't have any leftovers to bring home.

We would definitely go back for another meal. A wonderful way to celebrate with my love.

There are a few folks left in the park. Tuesday morning we had coffee and cinnamon rolls. We sat around and visited for two hours. The smaller group makes it easy to hear what everyone is saying and get to know each other better.

Meanwhile at home, Rocky still carries on when Jim is gone and Skittlez keeps us entertained just by being herself. In this picture she got herself caught in the sleeve of my top and I had to go rescue her. She has also shut the door to our bedroom a couple of times with her trapped in the bedroom. 

It has been nice not having doctor appointments every few days. Life is uneventful and peaceful most of the time.

The Superstitions in the afternoon.



  1. Happy Anniversary guys, looks like a very tasty seafood dinner. glad you enjoyed it. We too like the smaller crowds. Hopefully the weather will be decent for you this summer as you hang out there.

  2. What a beautiful blue sky. You lucked out with the seafood. I always wonder if they know how to cook it right if I am not on the coast. However, when we went to Boston it was so different that I realized that there may be more than the Southern way to cook. Hahaha. Glad your meal turned out so good. Now you'll have another restaurant to add to the list for when you want to go out or company comes.

  3. Our pets are a great sorce of entertainment. Zoe comes up the stairs to go on the deck and the scteen door is closed. Thump!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad they cooked your seafood right. I'm also glad to see how good Jim looks without all those doctor appointments causing stress.

  5. Belated Happy Anniversary and glad to see the weather is making things more tolerable for you. Looks like you Enjoyed your meal.
    The dogs are entertaining.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  6. Happy Anniversary. The food looks wonderful and so does Jim.
    They say this is the coolest May in 30yrs. I'm loving it but when will this wind stop it was a best today.

  7. Lobster tails and crab cakes, a little slice of heaven! Even in the desert. :cD

  8. Congrats and a great way to celebrate with seafood, my choice for sure!

  9. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 33 years!! Looks like you all picked a good spot to celebrate!! The food looked delicious!!!


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