Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Miscellaneous Stuff

We have been having a beautiful Spring but also a couple of storms. Most of the storms have just sent us wind and no rain. But a couple days ago, we had a wonderful refreshing downpour. 

The following pictures are of clouds over the Superstitions from our trailer.

These next two pictures were taken by our park managers. I'm really glad I didn't see this first cloud formation because it's scary just looking at the picture.

Skittlez seems to think I need to be up to see the sunrise. As soon as it gets a little bit light, she wants me out of bed and food placed before her.

Ginny and Mickey took off this week headed East. Before she left she took pictures of some of the gorgeous blooms in our park.

Jim is progressing slowly. He's actually had two weeks with no doctor appointments. He's started to work on my honey-do list and that should keep him busy for a couple of months. 

A bunch of us from the park are going to Taco Bell tonight. Seems when the Diamond Backs accomplish something (I don't know what), Taco Bell offers three free tacos with the purchase of a large drink. This is about as exciting as our life is.


  1. Great pictures except for the scary cloud formation.

  2. Bill is taking me to the Pittsburgh/Diamondbacks game tomorrow since it is an afternoon senior special day. You know how much he hates driving. I'm sure Jim will find that honey do list long enough to get through the summer heat.

  3. Nice that you are still able to get some things done outside.
    Our Mr.T used to do the same thing to me but I gave him a message that he had to wait until I got up.
    Beautiful Flower Pictures but the Rain Funnel would have had us running for cover.
    Glad to hear that Jim is slowly recovering.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That taco deal sounds like my level of exciting. That storm cloud not so much.

  5. That cloud looks like it had bad intentions. Don't work Jim too hard on your list.

  6. Hahaha. Love the Taco Bell. We have had a lot of threatening winds but very little rain. We did get a nice shower the other day and I was glad. Those storm pictures are scary. Reminds me of that movie about tornado chasers.

  7. You pictures are fantastic, love the storm clouds. We really got nailed with all of it. Happy to hear Jim is progressing in his health. Honey do list should keep him going.

  8. Nice to hear from you again. I agree some scary looking skies there in those photos.

  9. We had a lot of that rain, as well. I wonder if that one weird cloud was a microburst. We had one here that tore the roofs off of a couple of buildings on the east side. Yay for Jim!

  10. Skittlez sounds just like our Nick! He’s gotten in the habit of getting up around 5 and wanting to go out and then Sir Nick wants his food!!
    That storm looked really scary!!!

  11. Skittlez must have taken notes from my 97 yoa dad who now lives with me. He likes to get up early and I have to make him breakfast right away. He eats, then goes and sits in his recliner and goes back to sleep! :cO


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